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    WANTED: signed years of refusal record.

    Please send me a pm. and please let it be real... I was offered a fake recently ... (didnt come with a sticker, the R's were terrible...) THANK YOU :-)
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    Awesome recent Belgian bands....

    AMATORSKI: beautiful fragile voice. Great lyrics... (gives goosebumps Customs: Greatly influenced but interpol, the smiths and joy division...
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    Looking for SIGNED ... YEARS OF REFUSAL copy...

    As you can read here I'm looking for a SIGNED copy of YEARS OF REFUSAL. If you have a copy please send me a PM and name your price :)
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    If the new cd would come with a bonus

    Well we all know there's anooooother "hits" coming out. You know what I really wish for. That the new studio album would come accompanied with a cd with old tracks, but with a new vocal track recorded. I love him to death but I just think that his voice is way better than it used to be...
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    Morrissey and drugs

    I was wondering what the relations were with Morrissey and drugs. Of course he kicked out Rourke out of the smiths because of his heroïn addiction. (Marr did weed and cocaine...) On the other hand he's been on anti-depressants and I've read in mozipedia that he stated " because I don't want...
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    Pizza shirt size medium

    for sale . NEVER EVER WORN :).
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    Morrissey with a beard

    Are there any pics of morrissey with a beard/5 o'clock shadow. I have some cd's on which he seems to have a pretty decent shade. But I was wondering if he had any more pics. Bet the man looked good. He could sport a nice beard.
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    looking for the following stuff

    - LAKAI: skateboarders of the world shirt in size SMALL. Small is like spandex to me though... so I'll settle for a bigger size as well. I'm not used to new clothing sizes yet... working out is cool. - SIGNED morrissey stuff. On ebay I only find HORRIBLE fakes. I bet none on there are...
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    smiths+ morrissey vinyl

    I'm probabaly gonna buy the following items...prices in euro's: THE SMITHS - The Queen Is Dead (Poland LP, yellow) 12 THE SMITHS - Meat Is Murder (Italian LP, yellow) 12 THE SMITHS - Meat Is Murder (Italian LP, green) 12 THE SMITHS - The Smiths (Portuguese LP (pink letters)) 15 THE SMITHS -...
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    Signed years of refusal copy

    Where can I find one? Within' Europe please. I just got some money back from the taxes and well... i'd rather invest it in that record. I also was warned by a fan, that has spotted some fakes...
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    boyfriend in a coma

    on clear. What's that worth? I can buy one for 20 euro's. Good deal?
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    Morrissey pizza shirt for trade

    exactly the same. It's a size medium and i've never worn it cuz i think it's too big on me. So i'm looking for a Small. Trades are most definitely welcome.
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    best place to buy or score - signed Morrissey stuff

    Since I gave up on meeting Morrissey a log time ago... it would be cool find a few places that have legit signed Morrissey or he smiths cd's or records. I'm skipping EBAY here, because it's REALLY easy to forge morrissey's autograph and to honesty of sellers is at an all time low. I've...
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