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  1. homeless chihuahua

    Morrissey in Argentina

    Hi I was wondering if anyone from this forum is attending either of the two gigs in Buenos Aires. We are a group of 'ticos' (Costa Ricans) traveling all the way there just to see him and would like to meet other fans. We will be there from the 6th to the 12th of December. Why did we choose...
  2. homeless chihuahua

    hollywood chihuahua forever !

    So turns out that my friend Rafael and I were two of the lucky few who not only made it but also appear on the 'controversial' Live25 movie !! Someone at a cinema in the US (they won't play it here in Costa Rica, where we are from, and we were awaiting the dvd release to find out) took a...
  3. homeless chihuahua

    Stephen Merrit

    I was wondering if anyone had heard his solo album (the movie soundtrack one) and if it sounds like the Magnetic Fields? I almost bought it but I thought I'd get a second opinion since I haven't been able to hear a sample. Cheers
  4. homeless chihuahua

    Morrissey Interview

    Could a kind soul out there upload the Earsay interview again? The megaupload link in the Downloads section seems 2 have expired. I would love to see this!! Thanx in advance ! (I only have the Importance of Being Moz 2 share!)
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