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  1. Francisco Farinha

    Stephen Street says he would still work with Morrissey

    Stephen Street is doing his part. C'mon Morrissey !!
  2. Francisco Farinha

    Morrissey Radio

    If you re looking for a 24h streaming radio, adds/publicity free, covering mainly Morrissey's catalogue, look no further. Bootlegs, less known live versions, occasional interviews and the mandatory official records. I know we live an era of musical streaming abundance but I found this radio...
  3. Francisco Farinha

    Morrissey - Greateast Hits from DECCA

    Anyone knows if this "special release" from ever existed? And what it was? Never knew the existence of morrisseydirect to start with. Just noticed today this for the first time :)
  4. Francisco Farinha

    Albums reissue in 2020

    Anyone knows if this will go as planned? The article says, "The announcement also revealed BMG will be re-issuing remasters of several Morrissey records next year. The planned re-releases - 'Southpaw Grammar', 'Maladjusted', 'You Are The Quarry', 'Ringleader of the Tormentors', 'Years of...
  5. Francisco Farinha

    Durutti Column - Idiot Savants

    Along with "Vini Reilly", my favourite Durutti Column album. First time on vinyl and, may I add, via DEMON records label, whose printings are top quality. About this release Demon Records is proud to present the very first release of Idiot Savants on vinyl. First released in 2007, the album is...
  6. Francisco Farinha

    It's Hard To Walk Tall When Your Small (slow version)

    This B-Side taken from Irish Blood English Heart has two versions. The "official" one and an alternative slower version that Morrissey performed live during his 2016 tour. Other than Swords that also has the 'official" version, I only found it on: Morrissey ‎– Redondo Beach / There Is A Light...
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