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  1. poprenaissance

    band touring the uk in may - manchester venues?

    hello all. my band will be travelling to the u.k. in may to play a couple of dates in liverpool and we want to set up a date in manchester as well. can anyone suggest any good live music venues/clubs/pubs? many thanks in advance! :)
  2. poprenaissance

    m. ward - chinese translation (w/ video link)

    this is far and away the best song i've heard in awhile. it's also one of the most engaging videos i've ever seen. total class...gotta search for more by him. m. ward - chinese translation video hope you enjoy it. have a good weekend.
  3. poprenaissance

    Boz' TheOneThree - "This Charming Fan" :)
  4. poprenaissance

    Have a Good Weekend Thread

    have a great weekend, everyone. someone somewhere loves you.
  5. poprenaissance

    Red Lightning Live

    FINALLY got to see red lightning live last night. good f***ing gracious. they were really, REALLY solid. the cd just doesn't do them justice. you lose sight of the fact they're only a 3-piece band almost immediately. alain's playing is just amazing (switching between soloing and rhythm...
  6. poprenaissance

    Morrissey U.K. Online Store?

    hello good people, there is this online store for u.s. buyers: but there was a link to a u.k. online store that had cufflinks, money clips, key rings, etc., and i cannae find it anywhere. can anyone help? btw - the u.s. online...
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