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    Revelation Bootleg Album - HD Vinyl Rip - 24/96

    Hi All So finally managed to bag a copy of Revelation and have recorded it in HD quality here:- Sound quality is amazing! Enjoy
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    Wedding Bell Blues/Brow Of My Beloved 7" HD Wav

    Just got home from HMV and recorded this one for you all:-!4s9Q0QYI!O0WTsXoKuae1v-AeNEcDlphwQuhGzkwmx_ULuBmM7Fk
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    DL - Back On The Chain Gang 7" vinyl rip

    Hi So I just bought the single in HMV and have ripped it in HD wav and also mp3 (saves you doing it FamousWhenDead!) Enjoy! WAV:-!E0FzgQ4A!frRxUB57rAq6B8VcwlCRdXb2M8GS7iLu6xDtykOAegg MP3:-!MocxFSLD!wuRtHXRoX5cFTODWdYLC16pJP1HxJA-oVfcpDUSkkzc
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    DL - Battersea Patisserie - Vinyl HD WAV

    Here is my vinyl rip at 24/96 for your enjoyment!
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    DL - All The Young People Vinyl Rip

    For those that have requested this 7" vinyl. Here it is in HD wav (24/96) and MP3:- WAV!w0sVkajR!WQyuj_PsBibh-SMbE4ouw7C52GiU4UM85Lj8jp5U1mw MP3!w90j3YIB!OaUdeeCiRluA7-BDafzBu88pSjyLfXsDGerJSgpImyM
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    Rubber Ring 7" Demo 24/96 HD Wav Vinyl Rip

    Uploaded an HD wav of the 7" RSD 2017 single No editing - raw rip so there will be clicks etc. Enjoy:-!R8VyDRAa!SStXmRYk-STVNYTZXS6r8AcPe6JxDiq9pYxuiUo0ItQ
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    Queen Is Dead UK 12" Single 24/96 Vinyl Rip

    Hi I've ripped the full 12" in HD wav from the vinyl using my Technics 1210 and Audio Technica AT440mlb high quality cartridge. Enjoy:-!olEkUbLJ!ggOQ3OpQ2YeRbGgRAk-4YJygXz595VssrSwjBTZgQvY
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    Pro res master promo videos from Universal/Warner

    Hi I've been offered pro res master video files direct from the record companies of Mozza's promo videos. Each file is around 2gb and is amazing quality! They cost $25 each and I'm looking for people to maybe help towards the cost. Please pm me for more info. Cheers
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    Alma Matters Promo Video Download - HQ Mpg - Ripped From UK Promo VHS

    Just ripped the promo video for Alma Matters and it transferred in excellent quality so thought I'd share it with you guys. It's here:-
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    Morrissey - Nobel Concert Show (2013) HDTV Download

    Found this on a music video site. Morrissey - Nobel Concert Show (2013) HDTV Setlist: 01.People Are The Same Everywhere 02.Satellite Of Love 03.Irish Blood, English Heart Info: Format: TS | 9365kbps Length: 00:10:00 | 794Mb Video: H.264 | 1920x1080i | 16:9 | 25.000fps Audio: AC3...
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    Russell Brand HQ Video Download

    I have uploaded an mpg of the performance of I Just Want To See The Boy Happy on the Russell Brand Show recently. It is 145mb high quality video. Enjoy!!! Here is the link:-
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    What time does Moz come on stage?

    Going to Cardiff on Monday and have to drive after work. I know that the doors open at 7:30 but does anyone know what time Morrissey normally comes on stage please? I have to make sure I get there by then! Thanks Andy
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