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    The Smiths “Rock Album”

    To my ears there is a gem of a rock album tucked between the smiths final two releases. The singles released between the recordings of “The Queen is Dead” and “Strangeways” have their own sound and when played together, sounds as if it’s the closest approximation of what a Smiths “rock” album...
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    Request: Michael Farrell mix of Sweetie Pie

    Came across this on YouTube, anyone happen to have it?
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    Request: The Smiths John Peel Sessions

    Does anyone out there have a neat and nice HQ comp of all the John Peel Sessions? I've found one that has all tracks that were not included on compilations, but I was hoping to find one that had everything in order.
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    Best live Smiths show?

    I’m looking to check out some Smiths live shows (other than Rank and the recent Boston, MA from the deluxe Queen is Dead) that are available in high quality and in high regard from fans. What are some I should check out?
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    Few random song requests

    I've exhausted my skills on the search function. I'm looking for the following Jack the Ripper Studio Fantastic Bird You should have been nice to me Honey you know where to find me
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    Request: BBC Theatre 2009

    Any links I found through the search were dead. Anyone have this one?
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    Request - electric version of ”Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself”

    I came across it on YouTube and adored it. Anyone have an HQ version. (also, subrequest, anyone have the bonus live in Warsaw disc from the Swords comp?)
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    Question: Moz doing the smiths

    Is there a compilation out there of Morrissey performing Smiths songs in high quality, like soundboard/tv/dvdrips? Or a list of all the smiths songs he has performed live?
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    Audio request: Who put the m in Manchester?

    I've been hunting moz live stuff for audio. I was wondering if anyone had the audio of this show?
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    Live at the hollywood bowl audio request

    Hello! I'm look for just the audio of this gig. For whatever smithstorrents wont let me register and I can't find it anywhere else. Any chance you all could help?
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    My cover of Speedway

    Hi there! This is my first post. Longtime lurker. Here is a cover of Speedway I just recorded over the past couple of days. It is based on the live version from "Introducing Morrissey." I hope you all enjoy it!
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