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  1. wend1brindle

    Your Arsenal - art work proofs

    Just spotted this mentioned on the NewOrderonline forum. The site has some Smiths posters for sale and this... "MORRISSEY - YOUR ARSENAL, 1992 Original double sided LP sleeve working proof 13"x13" (along with a full-size transparency of the...
  2. wend1brindle

    Sleevage analyses Years of Refusal sleeve

    The ever brilliant Sleevage blog (album artwork design blog) analyses the Years of Refusal sleeve. Some interesting points.
  3. wend1brindle

    2nd Irish Date rumoured for 28th June

    From Jim Carroll's Irish Times blog On The Record... "On The Record understands that Morrissey will play a show at Luggala, Co Wicklow on June 28." and regular readers...
  4. wend1brindle

    New York Dolls support in Cork

    sorry if this is posted elsewhere but Dolls support in Cork from the above article... "Man of impeccable taste that he is, Mozza is bringing the New York Dolls and Noise Is The Best Revenge with him for his gig at the Marquee. We’re even more...
  5. wend1brindle

    Scott Walker - 30th Centuary Man (BBC4 on friday)

    OK, i know there's quite a few Scott fans here so just in case some of you missed 30th Centuary Man in the cinema last year BBC4 are screening it this coming Friday at 9pm. It's quite brilliant!!! Loads of old archive footage and interviews with loads of fans. So Scott Walker 9-10.30 and...
  6. wend1brindle

    Morrissey Vinyl Heads

    Ok, after checking out this and this i thought why not do something similiar with morrissey's covers. I've started with Pregnant simply because i happen to have a stripey shirt. Not a great attempt but a start. This could be done with loads of moz's records.
  7. wend1brindle

    Article in today's Sunday Tribune (Ireland)

    In today's Sunday Tribune. There's really nothing to this really it's a kind of non-story. Pretty shit journalism IMO.
  8. wend1brindle

    Article in today's (Fri) Irish Times

    In today's Ticket - the Irish Times arts supplement - is the following article. It's Brian Boyd's Revolver Column. FYI: Dervish are a traditional irish group who will perform this year's irish entry in the Eurovision also RTE is the Irish Public service Provider our BBC as it were. All kinds...
  9. wend1brindle

    Polecats in Dublin

    Just, saw this posted on a Dublin board and thought some might be interested... THE POLECATS Featuring BOZ BOORER (Morrissey’s post Marr co-writer & musical director from 1991 to today) + M.D.M.(PUNK) + ACES WILD. The Voodoo Lounge Friday November 17th TICKETS: Before...
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