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    Rest in Peace Smiths Bootleg

    Just picked up the aforementioned bootleg, complete with insert, mint condition - appears to be French. Can anyone shed any light on value / rarity? It's black vinyl
  2. J

    The Many Faces of The Smiths

    Is this a genuine release or just some ramshackle thing cobbled together:
  3. J

    G-Mex tickets for sale

    In my haste to get tickets for friends I've ended up with 4 spare for the 22nd Not sure if they're still available through normal routes but if anyone wants all four I'd accept £80 for the lot. If anyone needs only one or two tickets then I'd sell them for £25 each. I've got the tickets (I'm in...
  4. J


    Long shot I know, but if anyone has a spare standing ticket for tonight please could they call / text 07905 768238. I'd be only too willing to buy and pay a bit over the odds. Thanks Dave
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