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    Unreleased cover version?

    Anybody have any idea about this, listed on BMI repertoire? A song called The Secret of Music, listing Morrissey as artist and...
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    Manchester Digital Music Archive

    Apologies if this has been posted before. Lots of interesting images/articles.
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    A Smithsy little number
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    Morrissey laughing?

    Does anybody else think it sounds like Morrissey is laughing as he sings 'I have...' at about 2.34 in One of Our Own?
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    World Peace cover - already

    This guy got in fast:
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    Sparks song listed on ASCAP site with Morrissey as performer

    Was just looking on the ASCAP site for listings for the new songs and accidentally searched 'Morrissey' as performer rather than writer. One of the songs that came up was Sparks' 'Arts And Crafts Spectacular'. Presumably this means Morrissey has recorded a cover version? I'm not au-fait with...
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    Alexandra Bastedo, "Rank" cover star, has died

    Alexandra Bastedo: The Champions actress dies aged 67 - BBC News Actress Alexandra Bastedo, best known for her role in the 1960s television sci-fi series The Champions, has died aged 67 following a long illness.
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    "Vauxhall And I" - General Motors UK Vauxhall Motors site celebrating 110 years

    Look what GM have called their Vauxhall motors 110 years site: Well, obviously.
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    The opening of Autobiography reads like a poem or lyric (line breaks mine, no words changed)

    My childhood is streets upon streets upon streets Streets to define you And streets to confine you With no sign of motorway Freeway or highway Somewhere beyond hides The treat of the countryside For hour-less days When rain and reins lift Permitting us to be Among people who live...
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    Unsung guitar hero dies

    Big Jim Sullivan, legendary session guitarist, has died. He played on over 1,000 hits, including 55 Number Ones! He played on records by lots of Morrissey-related artists including Billy Fury, Shirley Bassey, Twinkle, Cilla Black, Sandie Shaw, Marianne Faithfull, Herman's Hermits and Nancy...
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    The Radio Times (UK TV listings mag) is having a poll on what is 'the greatest broadcast interview of all time.' Preposterously, alongside Frost/Nixon etc, Moz on Desert Island Discs makes the shortlist. You know what to do, people...
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    Smiths/Moz covers blog

    Hi, At the risk of unleashing the venom and vitriol of some of the grimmer denizens of these virtual corridors, I thought some of you might be interested in my new blog dedicated to cover versions of Smiths and Morrissey songs. Only a couple of posts at the moment, but my aim is to put a new...
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    Glam Glue microsite Has clips of the unreleased demos. And there's a 'medley' of videos here:
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    Bona Drag reissue 4th Oct, remastered & extra tracks

    Just heard this on Radcliffe Maconie radio show. 6 'new' tracks including Happy Lovers United, Oh Phoney, Let The Right One Slip In, Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness Overseen by Moz himself, released on vinyl and CD on the 'Major Minor' label. Not sure of a release date.
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    The Smiths discussed in the House of Commons
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    Moz makes The Onion
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    NME says Thom Yorke is obsessed with transport, but what does that make Moz? The above link goes to a supposed 'amazing fact' that Thom Yorke's lyrics contain 17 references to cars/driving as well as some to boats, motorways, trains, planes and tanks. If that's supposedly obessed, Moz must be clinically...
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    Musical 'lift' in '...Paris'?

    I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but the intros to 'Listen People' by Herman and the Hermits and 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' bear a certain family resemblance. And, as we know, Moz has some 'previous' with H&theH's. Sorry, I don't have the file to link to, but you can...
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    Wiki mischief

    I think someone may be tinkering with the truth on the Wikipedia entry for 'Paris'. See if you can spot the deliberate mistake. It's not so much the alternative lyric that I find hard to believe, as the suggestion that Moz...
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    A question of flowers...

    Someone we know who is clearly stuck in the 80's, greeted our news of getting Moz tickets for Manchester with the rejoinder "Him with the daffodils in his back pocket?" "No. Gladioli." we retorted. But he maintains that it was daffodils, citing the number of Google search results as...
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