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  1. Zapora

    Years of Refusal - mix question

    Well said ! .. Years of refusal , world peace , you are the quarry should rebooted by a good engineer like ( Vic Anesini ) Who depends on warmth & clarity .. more dynamics .. I really recommend him & praise his works .. he's better than emily lazar ...
  2. Zapora

    Morrissey Central "PAULA, RIP" & "Paula at Morrissey’s knee" (September 13, 2022)

    Imagine that " Istanbul " was released as a single .. what about the b - side ? ( The french mixes of one of our own & art hounds ) :crazy::unsure:
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    Cover 1.png

  4. Zapora

    What album are you listening to right now? Part 2

    Hot Air Balloon
  5. Zapora

    What album are you listening to right now? Part 2

    Harry Belafonte
  6. Zapora

    Veronica (live) unofficial video

    Very nice .
  7. Zapora

    Sure Enough ( unofficial video )

    Due to the delay in releasing BOT i'd love to share a live version from ( Sure Enough .. ) it was taken from the famous movie " Phone Booth " The live audio was recorded by ( Mitch Wight ) in July ...
  8. Zapora

    [Title deleted by user]

  9. Zapora

    What album are you listening to right now? Part 2

    Produced by : Gabe Wax
  10. Zapora

    Favourite Sam E. Rayner concerts

    Also .. London , Santa Barbara .. The audio quality is excellent .
  11. Zapora

    Morrissey - the lost album 2011-2020

    Title : Over The Years Producer : Joe Chiccarelli ( But i hope that Vic Anesini would remaster the old Morrissey's albums ) Artwork : Alternative ( World peace cover art ) Side - A Only a Pawn In Their Game Knockabout World It's Not Your Birthday Anymore What Kind of People Live In These...
  12. Zapora

    Some Of My Favorite Live Tracks

    Hello my friends .. I'd like to share some of my favorite live tracks with all of you , it were taken from the different Morrissey's live gigs over the years . I made some technical editions & modifications with all of them ( removed hisses & noises , added fade in & fade out .. normalized...
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  14. Zapora

    Las Vegas ( Live Tracks )

    Thanks, I hope that the studio versions will appear soon by establising his own record label and stop relying on record companies ..
  15. Zapora

    Las Vegas ( Live Tracks )

    Merci ...
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