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  1. Zapora

    Sure Enough ( unofficial video )

    Due to the delay in releasing BOT i'd love to share a live version from ( Sure Enough .. ) it was taken from the famous movie " Phone Booth " The live audio was recorded by ( Mitch Wight ) in July ...
  2. Zapora

    [Title deleted by user]

  3. Zapora

    Some Of My Favorite Live Tracks

    Hello my friends .. I'd like to share some of my favorite live tracks with all of you , it were taken from the different Morrissey's live gigs over the years . I made some technical editions & modifications with all of them ( removed hisses & noises , added fade in & fade out .. normalized...
  4. Zapora

    Las Vegas ( Live Tracks )

    I'd like to thank FWD for posting Las Vegas new tracks .. there are some changes i made in all tracks .. I did fade in & fade Out in each track , normalized loudness to be in the same level , removed hisses , added the original cover art to all of them ...
  5. Zapora

    Various Tracks Re - produced by me earlier this year

    Hello ! I want to thank you for joining this forum , i posted many projects here before and i wish that you enjoyed it .. Today i want to share some ( Morrissey , Ditikies Sinikies , Self Esteem , The Vaccines ) tracks , You will notice that it includes a rebooted version of ( Mountjoy ) .. 12...
  6. Zapora

    I Am Veronica ( Cruel World )

    I'd like to share the live version of ( I Am Veronica ) as well as an enhanced version of album's cover art . Enjoy it !
  7. Zapora

    Lost Tracks In a Very Good Quality ...

    If Saturday ... It Was Posted On YT By SER Five Months Ago .. Many People Complained About ( Mixing & Mastering ) Quality ... So Here's a Proper & Clean Version According To Apple Loudness Standards ...
  8. Zapora

    Johnny Marr: How Soon Is Now - Crazy Face Factory

    I Enjoyed JM When He Was Performing HSIN ... Very Nice Version .. Here's The AUDIO In a Proper Format ( I Cleaned & Normalized & Mastered It ) Enjoy it .... :guitar::)
  9. Zapora

    I Finished Re - Mastering ROTT Album .... And This Is a Selected Track

    I Finished Re - Mastering ROTT Album .... And This Is a Selected Track , The Quality Is So Good , I Hope You Like It .:thumb::guitar:
  10. Zapora

    Music compilation produced by me

    Hello ! My Friends ... First , I Would Like To Thank You For Adding Me .. Second , I Would Like To Share Some Of My Favorite Tracks ... 95% Of Them Are Live Ones .. Produced By Me ( in 2021 & The Beginnings Of This Year ) All Of Them Were Adjusted According To iTunes Loudness Standards .. And...
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