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  1. federico

    The Killers - What She Said (w/ Johnny Marr), Seattle WA, 8/20/2022

    Brandon Flowers make me feel so old, inside....
  2. federico

    Rate the new Morrissey songs out of 10

    Bonfire of teenagers 9 Rebels without applause 8 I live in oblivion 7.5 I am Veronica 7 Sure enough the telephone rings 6.5
  3. federico

    What label will he sign with

    Elefant would be a great option, but I m afraid, too small for Moz
  4. federico

    Lyrics of the four new songs

    ok ! he ll remain in history ( at least about The Smiths ) , me and you don t think so...:)
  5. federico

    Lyrics of the four new songs

    Oh my God. still with this story boring....anyway you can t erase what has been...
  6. federico

    Lyrics of the four new songs

    his career, at this point, is still largely satisfactory. I don't think it needs confirmation. like it or not, he was and remains one of the few influential figures in the musical world.
  7. federico

    Which of the five new 'Bonfire' songs do you prefer?

    1 ) Bonfire of teenagers 2 ) I live in oblivion 3 ) Rebels without applause 4 ) I m Veronica 5 ) Sure enough, the telephone rings
  8. federico

    Your top 10 Morrissey solo songs of all time

    Life is a pigsty Everyday is like sunday Southpaw We hate it when our friends become successful Lost Now my heart is full Let me kiss you What kind of people live in these houses ? Late night , Maudline street Mountjoy
  9. federico

    Give me your 10 track Best of The Smiths

    Re: Give me your 10-track Best of The Smiths there is a light that never goes out the boy with the torn in his side i won t share you death of a disco dancer reel around the fountain please,please,please.... handsome devil meat is murder i want the one i can t have last night i dreamt...
  10. federico

    Best Morrissey-single of the decade

    Hello to everyone! i m new one, from Italy. my favourite are I HAVE FORGIVEN JESUS IRISH BLOOD ENGLISH HEART I M THROWING MY ARMS AROUND PARIS . Cheers !
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