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  1. The Youngest

    What were the first and last songs you saw Morrissey sing live?

    First Of The Gang To Die - Grimsby First Of The Gang To Die - Hull
  2. The Youngest

    The Sound of the Smiths Deluxe on eBay

    Just spotted this on eBay. Current bid is only 99p!!! The Sound Of The Smiths Deluxe
  3. The Youngest

    Years of Refusal Necklaces

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the necklaces Moz wears on the YoR cover. The silver circular one looks like it could have Elizabeth II on but it'll probably be some Italian person knowing Moz. I think the others might just be prayer beads. Would appreciate some help...
  4. The Youngest

    Help on a pic

    Thank you for the info and unwatermarked pic! It looks even better in colour!!!!! :D :D :D
  5. The Youngest


    Thanks for that Kewpie! :)
  6. The Youngest

    Help on a pic

    I found this picture in a Morrissey book (can't remember which one, it was a while back) and I was wondering if anyone knew when it was from, who took it and if there was a better version anywhere. I think it's a lovely picture of him. :)
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    I was just wondering if anyone knew why Moz chose to record this song. Has he ever talked about it in interveiws or mentioned it live? I think his version is one of the nicest I have ever heard.
  8. The Youngest

    Songs you intentionally sing incorrectly?

    I'd Love To "so again I lay awake in a trance, I just wet my pants" Sheila, Take A Bow "boot this grimy old world in the crotch dear"
  9. The Youngest

    anyone got DOLL AND THE KICKS cd

    Thanks for this! :D I will definately buy the album! :guitar:
  10. The Youngest

    anyone got DOLL AND THE KICKS cd

    I have just discovered DATK. I saw them in Hull last week but because I was close to a speaker they were too loud and I didn't enjoy them much. However, after listening to some of the studio tracks, I think they are fabulous! Anyway, I was just wondering if someone could please upload their...
  11. The Youngest

    Req: Hull 19/05/09 Bootleg

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone recorded the full Hull show. I'm extremely grateful to Mozmal for his wonderful contributions but I would absolutely love a complete recording (no matter what sound quality). I would be eternally grateful to anyone who would share this with us. Thanks...
  12. The Youngest

    Hull Arena Pics and Vids

    You're welcome! :) Glad you like it!
  13. The Youngest

    Videos from Hull Arena

    Thanks Mal! I can't wait to download these!!!!!
  14. The Youngest

    Hull Arena Pics and Vids

    Thank you! Your photo's are beautiful!
  15. The Youngest

    Photos from Hull gig

    WOW!!!!!!! These photo's are amazing! Well done! Thank you so much! :D
  16. The Youngest

    Pickpockets at recent gigs

    I thought I felt someone in my pocket last night. :mad:
  17. The Youngest

    Hull Arena Pics and Vids

    I've zipped the pics and vids and uploaded to Megaupload. Megaupload Link I'm also in the middle of putting the videos up on YouTube. Here is 'How Soon Is Now?' How Soon Is Now? *These aren't complete songs only clips. They are fairly good quality. Enjoy! :D EDIT...
  18. The Youngest

    Hull Ice Rink

    Here are my photo's and a few short video's from last night. They aren't the best pics but they are good to reminisce. I had an amazing time! Second time seeing Moz and easily the best. Was in the second row all night. Got a handshake from Boz, Solomon and Jesse! That took away some of the...
  19. The Youngest

    Southpaw Grammar/Maladjusted reissues

    Could somebody please post pics of the Maladjusted artwork? I bought the Southpaw Grammar reissue first because of the new tracks but I couldn't afford the Maladjusted one just yet. However, I'm dying to see what the artwork looks like. Thanks :D
  20. The Youngest

    2009/03/13: The National, Richmond, VA, US

    Thank you soooooooooo much for this! :D:guitar::thumb:
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