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  1. AllYouNeedIsMoz

    Asheville rescheduled. Anyone got a ticket?

    Asheville, NC has been rescheduled for 1/28/13. Would love a ticket for my fortieth birthday in January. Anyone got one?
  2. AllYouNeedIsMoz

    Looking for: 2 tickets to Orange Peel in Asheville

    Was at work when tickets went on sale so I missed out. :( Looking for two tickets to Orange Peel (Asheville, NC) show. Willing to buy singles and combine since I think it's GA anyway.
  3. AllYouNeedIsMoz

    GA Line etiquette

    Having not gone to a GA show since I was a teenager (a long time ago) and could care less if I was up front, I have some etiquette questions regarding my upcoming GA at Asheville. How early is too early? If you have to pee/get something to drink, will someone hold your spot or are you...
  4. AllYouNeedIsMoz

    FS: One tcket for Asheville Orange Peel 3/9

    Hey guys, I've got a spare ticket for Asheville. PM me if interested. If no one buys it, I'll take a Moz virgin who's not really into his stuff. I'd rather sell it. ;)
  5. AllYouNeedIsMoz

    Need one ticket for Orange Peel in Asheville

    Just lil ole me needs a ticket. PM me if you've got one. Thanks.
  6. AllYouNeedIsMoz

    Putting together a presentation for school

    So I have to do this really (REALLY) dumb assignment that determines a good part of my grade. I need to put together a presentation for a class, demonstrating how my Holland Codes (Social, Artistic, Investigative) and my Kiersey/Meyer's Briggs results (ENFP) will help me in my path to becoming a...
  7. AllYouNeedIsMoz

    so I want to know more about...Belle & Sebastian

    I pretty much lived in a music vacuum for 14 years so I'm trying to listen to all the great music I never encountered. I heard ONE Belle & Sebastian song and want to hear more. Recommendations? Links? PS You'll probably see more posts like this as I encounter different bands. :)
  8. AllYouNeedIsMoz

    Taking kids to Moz shows

    So who's taken kids to Morrissey shows? What's the advice out there? I'm taking my oldest two, ages 12 & 11, to Myrtle Beach. It'll be their first concert and I can't think of anything better. Since they are pretty-much adult-sized and because the venue is small, I don't anticipate big problems...
  9. AllYouNeedIsMoz

    If you were banned...

    Just out of curiosity...
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