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  1. celibate

    The Lowlands

    Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas , want to thanks David Tseng for another year the best Morrissey and Smiths related website, also his team and helpers who try to keep it on topic and no falme baits or rascist-fascist personal outrage writing. All the best for 2022 from a little villiage in...
  2. celibate

    my first stalker in 20 year on this site

    honour goes to Thrill
  3. celibate

    20 years

    just like to mention my first post on solo was 1999 So this means 20 year Morrissey-solo member Thanks David T, and you beautifull people . waving from the Netherlands
  4. celibate

    Iggy Pop & the Stooges okt 1977 Apollo Manchester

    well the off topic forum didn't got me any further so in te Pigsty, was Morrissey at this gig? [yes I did a search, the Mozipedia nothing, some archives nothing:confused:
  5. celibate

    Iggy Pop & the Stooges okt 1977 Apollo Manchester

    saw the passenger clip from youtube, have searched through the Mozipedia, just 1 queation Was Morrissey at that gig? [no I don't do quizzes so excuse me , and was 12 myself at that time, and couldn't find it searching half an hour for this post] lalalala lalalalaaaa
  6. celibate

    Smiths songs used in movies

    I know there are a lot I add 1 new, just looked at the premiere in film 1 caple UPC That means fims that just been out and can show on TV the title, The Perks of being a Wallflower it's about a nervous unsure 15 year boy, just going to a period Asleep was very early in the...
  7. celibate

    need frontier tour shirt with dates

    Live in the Netherlands can pay in cash or bankcard [don't have Pyapall] Maybe Morrissey official will put the merchendise on for sale via internet till than, I'm a fool for tour t-ishirts, I dearly want one help:straightface:
  8. celibate

    cycle round in Italia

    I die hard cycling fan [ya know Lance Armstrong , that cycling], yesterday was a black day, I saw it live, or him the Belgium, sympathetic cycler fell down at a speed down from a hill, he touched the rocks from the hill, and fell Than TV [about 30 sec, of docs cutting hius helmet, bleeding...
  9. celibate

    thanks for remember

    my birthday in posts on the mainpager, and the auto email I gotten from the moderation team thanks as I wrote in Dutch in some post, getting 46, first grey hairs coming, personally I see grey as aging as to be proud of, and not be ashamed and colour it anyway...
  10. celibate

    "This Day in The Smiths" to be released?

    Vu writes: I don't know if this qualifies as news, but I recently reviewed the This Day in Led Zeppelin iPhone/iPad application and noted that I would really love a Smiths version. The creator of the app, Neil Cossar, told me that they are currently working on This Day in The Beatles and...
  11. celibate email adress

    Just wondering, can we get/pay getting a email I mean , as full PR for Morrissey in real life, having a email would be the ultimate PR emailing people you know IRL, or on other forums/sites who have nothing to do with music, it would grade up the PR...
  12. celibate


    thanks :flowers: :highfive: dunno to add friends on my list oh well, I never learn flattered, and waving from the Netherlands :thumb:
  13. celibate


    :sick: urgent surgery in Munich didn't OUR BIRTHDAY MAN didn't write a song about...:lbf: Hope Bono takes a rest for,well, till he aged after 30 years retiring from the music and mediawhore industry don't wish him dead, but I am not particular fond of him, as I wrote lots ------...
  14. celibate

    1srt Smiths album

    we've the Troy Tate sesions the Smiths [debut album] Hatfull of Hollow make yer first Smiths album out those albums songs like Jeanne, and wonderfull woman/what do you see in him and bsides on singles included 10 songs [as the others] hand in glove girl afraid Jeanne miserable...
  15. celibate

    Spear of Desistiny

    are they still around? now that I'M typing this, the singers name is on the tip of me tongue, and did some solo work never heard of the band? listen to 'Mickey' on youtube or on a DL [torrent site]
  16. celibate

    i like Alain Whyte

    there:thumb: :guitar: along with the bozman the best co-writer for MORRISSEY'S SOLO-CARREER yes Street and Nevin did well in his early solo year but Alain and Boz also were /are still working and playing with Morrissey always was a bit more on Alain side so hold a candle for...
  17. celibate

    where's or are

    scotish major fan Grim 'o Grady, and his spouse, haven't seen deano, and the other, whom's name is on the tip of my tongue have they stepped over to TTY have created a own site with forum Grim was here on daily basis, I was too, and past year , when the firtst poll ended, he was still...
  18. celibate

    return to valium

    bit personal, but how many, of who take medication for depression, trauma, all kind of psych labels well I do, sleeping pills, benzo's for anxiety/panic, anti depressive[ fuvoxamine] for keeping my mind a bit running smoothly, but no pill yet who stopps me from thinking, thinking...
  19. celibate

    Poll ending soon

    so last chances to vote so it takes a few minutes from the ones who didn't know the about adding swords and other new stuff/songs you don't have to scroll back, just click on Mr Houdini first threadpost and click on the ones you vote I see a very downwards line in voting, when he's...
  20. celibate

    sunday belgium tv (VRT) graham green's

    1949 movie Brighton Rock Europaen time 14.10 so any belgium, dutch or whomever can get that channel, don't miss this movie on which Patrick Doonan raised to wait... It's the movie connect to one of Vauxhall&I masterpeice album song 'now my heart is full' see it, even for...
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