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  3. AtImber2022

    Sunny Blackpool

    I’m having a drink at Vintro Lounge now - it’s opposite the venue. Will probably move to the venue around 7ish.
  4. AtImber2022

    Sunny Blackpool

    Hi. Had a drink at Dutton’s but didn’t find anyone so ended up walking towards Winter Gardens..
  5. AtImber2022

    Sunny Blackpool

    Just arrived in Blackpool. Happy to meet at Dutton arms or Brew room -pre gig - whatever is best for folk.
  6. AtImber2022

    Sunny Blackpool

    I’m on the way. See you at Dutton arms
  7. AtImber2022

    Killarney - Gleneagle INEC Arena (Sep. 24, 2022) post-show

    Love him so much!
  8. AtImber2022

    Morrissey Central "COME ALL YE MAIDENS YOUNG ‘N FAIR FOR TIME, IT IS A PRECIOUS THING" (September 22, 2022)

    Come on Mozzer Give us Bonfire of Teenagers on Spotify to coincide with the tour!
  9. AtImber2022

    Morrissey Central “THERE IS A PLACE” (September 18, 2022)

    In all fairness Suede do also have a new album just released and have had a career resurgence of sorts. I really don't think it's helpful to compare the two although I can see where it's coming from.
  10. AtImber2022

    "Years Of Refusal" is one of his best albums

    Oh I just meant from the post-Maladjusted hiatus. Yeah Vauxhall is his masterpiece for me.
  11. AtImber2022

    Waiting at the Platform

    Try Discogs for the records
  12. AtImber2022

    "Years Of Refusal" is one of his best albums

    (Swords is better than all of them though)
  13. AtImber2022

    "Years Of Refusal" is one of his best albums

    Indeed - from the post-Maladjusted era I would say that Quarry - Refusal - Dog are his three best albums.
  14. AtImber2022

    Robbie Williams NME interview: "I do the same thing that Morrissey does." (September 6, 2022)

    Robbie Williams is awful and one of the worst and most overrated artists of all time. To even mention Morrissey in the same breath as him is an insult.
  15. AtImber2022

    "Years Of Refusal" is one of his best albums

    I think it is one of his most underrated albums post-You are the Quarry, but actually also if you consider the entirety of his solo oeuvre. I believe the man himself actually had it further down on his own list of his album rankings. It is punchy, urgent, to the point and succinct. The...
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