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  1. Johnny

    Andy Rourke bass part for "This Charming Man" - 56th best bass part of all time in BassPlayer Magazine

    It's just been voted the 56th best bass part of all time in BassPlayer Magazine. 'The Smiths were a group at least a decade ahead of their time, doomed to be more read about than listened to during their active career, and only fully appreciated several years after the band members had gone...
  2. Johnny

    Morrissey fanzine

    Issue 3 out of the new Morrissey Fanzine Knockabout World.
  3. Johnny

    Rhoda Dakar covers Morrissey - "Everyday Is Like Sunday"

    Just seen that the fantastically talented Rhoda Dakar, who has sang with The Specials and many more, is releasing a cover of Morrissey's Every Day Is Like Sunday. Can only imagine the meltdown that will cause at Guardian HQ. Link posted by GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn: Update: Brief video clip...
  4. Johnny

    Blue Dreamers Eyes

    Guys apologies for being so far behind the times but does anyone have a link I can have for the above track ? Thanks in advance. J
  5. Johnny

    Morrissey fanzine

    This was one of the most beautifully produced Morrissey Fanzines. 72 pages from 1995 in excellent condition. Would love it to go to a good home. Anyone interested let me know and I can send pics and more details. Will post UK only. Sorry. Content: Review of Your Arsenal Tour USA, UK, France...
  6. Johnny

    A Chance To Shine - Fanzines

    Back in the days when being a Morrissey fan was so much easier. Issues 8 and 13 of the best ever Moz Fanzine. Can only mail to UK. Message me if interested. Thanks.
  7. Johnny

    Edinburgh Usher Hall 4th July 2018

    You know the script. I bought 2 and then a second later my pal texted to say don't buy as he had bought 2 ! 2 standing tickets for sale at face value. Hopefully I am not the only Morrissey fan left in Scotland.
  8. Johnny

    Pete Townsend - Your Arsenal

    Just been reading the Uncut special on The Who. It mentions that Pete Townsend was due to produce Your Arsenal before work commitments on one of his various "Tommy" projects took over. That was news to me.I've seen various names linked with Morrissey production duties in the past such a...
  9. Johnny

    Boz Boorer - John's Children

    Boz plays on the new,yes new,John's Children album. Not sure if this has been posted before and no time to check..............
  10. Johnny

    Morrissey Wall Stickers

  11. Johnny

    Smiths Vinyl For Sale

    Ladies/Gents, Some Smiths vinyl for sale.E mail any offers to [email protected] Thanks Artist Title Format Country Year Catalogue Number Special Features Picture Sleeve (yes or no) the smiths a. barbarism begins at home 12" uk 1985 RTT171 1 sided...
  12. Johnny

    Glasgow Friday ticket for Sale

    One ticket up for grabs.Face value Ta Johnny
  13. Johnny

    Edinburgh Ticket going spare

    One Balcony ticket for sale (Row B) for the Edinburgh Playhouse gig.Face value, Cheers, Johnny [email protected]
  14. Johnny

    The Ghosts of Moz-Solo Past

    I watched the Andy Rourke / Mike Joyce DVD last night. It started me thinking of some of the old regular inhabitants of Moz-Solo who are no longer around. In particular the fantastic Andrea (Andy) Ison who, as some of you may remember, was fascinated with all things Rourkie. I think...
  15. Johnny

    Nice little Moz quote

    This ones from about 1985.. "Because of my absolute artistic refusal to work,I lived with general starvation,heaps of court demands and moderate pleurisy. "I was fully prepared to die with dignity clutching a moulded crust of bread,rather than join the spiritless serfs on the job market"
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