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  1. Giselle

    Morrissey on "The Colbert Report"

    Mp3s of: "People Are the Same Everywhere" (Broadcast performance) "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" (Web-only bonus)
  2. Giselle

    Morrissey Live on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" 3 October 2012

    Mp3s of: "To Give (The Reason I Live)"- performed on the show & "You Have Killed Me"- website only extra
  3. Giselle

    Recipe Thread Redux

    Since Iona M gave me the go-ahead, I'd like to continue her awesome recipe thread that she started back in February. Aspiring Rachael Rays and...
  4. Giselle

    What are some of your most loathed songs?

    Is there a song that just makes your ears bleed? Or one you want to rant about? Post it here!
  5. Giselle

    Interview with Dave 'Milky' Millward, Morrissey's front-of-house engineer

    For the "gearhead" fans, a brief new interview with Morrissey's front-of-house engineer Dave Millward. Very technical, but still interesting. INTERVIEW: Morrissey FOH engineer Dave ‘Milky’ Millward - Audio Pro International by Daniel Gumble Morrissey's FOH engineer Dave 'Milky' Millward...
  6. Giselle

    Music/Record Biz Thread (2012)

    For all the number-cruncher types like me-and interested parties- I thought it would be cool to start a thread where we could post articles and have discussions about the record and music industry-past, present, and future. There really wasn't an appropriate thread for this topic...
  7. Giselle

    Article: Morrissey cancels Cascais Music Festival (Portugal, July 24, 2012) because of injury to Sol

    UPDATE 2:15PM PT: Link posted by MORRIZSEY: Press release from Susan Blond regarding Cascais date - 24 July 2012 Press release from Susan Blond: We are very sorry to inform that due to an unforeseen injury to Solomon Walker's back, Morrissey will not be able to perform at...
  8. Giselle

    Beaumont, TX concert balcony ticket for sale- $50

    no longer available.
  9. Giselle

    Iggy Pop & Bethany Cosentino (from Best Coast) duet- "Let's Boot & Rally"

    To be aired on this week's episode of "True Blood"
  10. Giselle

    Boz Boorer- "Saunders Ferry Lane" ,featuring James Maker on vocals

    I thought this was worthy of its own thread,due to the James Maker-Morrissey connection. "Saunders Ferry Lane", from Boz's forthcoming solo album "Some of the Parts", to be released on 31-August 2012. ("Saunders Ferry Lane" is a cover of a 1970's country song, originally made famous by...
  11. Giselle

    Tell us about the last concert/show you attended? (Non-Morrissey Edition)

    There's a thread here ( about what shows/concerts are we looking forward to. It's always quite interesting to read about what shows are on you guys' radars. But how were those shows? Besides Morrissey...
  12. Giselle

    Brief new interview with Spencer Cobrin

    Speaking of drummers, this brief interview was posted on Spencer's Facebook page about a month ago. The interview, which was done sometime in 2012, discusses some of the production of Your Arsenal and features a nice shot of the gang from that era.:thumb: "The Ongoing Musical Adventures of...
  13. Giselle

    Happy 50th Birthday, Boz!

    Today is Boz Boorer's Big 5-0! Here's wishing him many more years ahead, with our gratitude to him for being the co-writer of so many incredible Morrissey songs!:guitar::guitar:

    "One night with Morrissey for ’80s New Wave kids" - brief interview in the Philippine Daily Inquirer

    One night with Morrissey for ’80s New Wave kids - Philippine Daily Inquirer By: Pocholo Concepcion
  15. Giselle

    Animal Friends Thread

    I thought I would start a thread where we can post pictures of our pets, current and from the past, as well as other animal encounters/pictures/musings. I'll start: Meet Ingrid. She's 7 years old. She really enjoys her pillows. :p
  16. Giselle

    2012 Tour Intro Reel from Youtube!

    Youtube user meddle1971jp was awesome enough to compile all the various clips/songs from the 2012 Tour Intro Reel! :guitar: It runs for 30 minutes, and is 11 different video clips.( ) here is the link to the playlist...
  17. G

    Johnny Marr interviewed by The A.V. Club

    Noel Murray from The A.V. Club has spoken at length to Johnny Marr. The interview is online - Johnny Marr has no negative thoughts about The Smiths, seriously - The A.V. Club Excerpt: AVC: There’s a documentary about The Clash, made when Joe Strummer was alive, in which he talks about all the...
  18. Giselle

    13 minute Audio Interivew with Boz Boorer (Nov. 2011)

    Boz Boorer Audio Interview (November 2011) This is a great, 13 minute long interview with Boz from November of last year. I don't see that anyone posted it at that time, at least not that I could find from searching the forum database. It is a podcast interview from KSYM, an alternative rock...
  19. Giselle

    Matt Walker's Side Project- Double Elvis- "99"

    One of the side projects that Matt is involved with when he's not drumming for Morrissey. Interesting video. Uploaded a few months ago to YouTube.
  20. Giselle Questions

    Hi all, I am curious: regarding, is there anything going on at that site except the Morrissey Press Releases? I saw the album and single data there, but they also had an area to register and create a user name/profile. It mentioned that they publish or did publish a magazine...
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