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  1. nugz

    picture request please

    im looking for a big picture of the "MORRISSEY" backdrop thingy from "M in Manchester." I want to use it for my desktop at work. its been something stupid and generic for almost 6 months now and im tired of it. If people can have ridiculous desktops of that asshat from "NCIS" I can have Moz...
  2. nugz

    roommate advice please

    So I moved into this house in South Philly a couple months ago. I found the house/roommate through craigslist but as it turned out, I ended up sorta knowing the chick from mutual friends, but didnt know her real well. Well so far everything has been going okay. I mean, there's always gonna be...
  3. nugz

    this movie looks f***ed up

    I'm bored tonight cuz I can't really go anywhere cuz of my broken toe, so I'm making a thread about this clip. yep. discuss M9_vpjYiROU&feature=player_embedded#t=58 i saw this on dlisted and the guy made the comment "this could also be called JUST A REGULAR NIGHT AT RUSSEL BRANDS HOUSE."...
  4. nugz

    Morrissey/Smiths posters

    as some of you know, I just moved a few weeks ago. when I was living at home, I really didn't have anything on my walls, cuz I just didn't care. I didn't wanna be there, so I guess I didn't feel like decorating. Well now that I'm in my new space, I'd like to find a couple nice posters to frame...
  5. nugz

    Ed McMahon RIP
  6. nugz

    Bruce Springsteen Frink Thread

  7. nugz

    Dickipedia - my new favorite website the entry on Dick Cheney is awesome. :thumb:
  8. nugz

    Cassius's very own Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday sweetie! I love our poo talks! :sweet: you are wise beyond your years! hope you had a great bday. :)
  9. nugz

    2 Shot in Holocaust Museum

    oh look, another whackjob goin around shootin people. great.
  10. nugz

    I can't stop laughing at Bret Michaels

    poor Bret Michaels. can't find love with a skank, and now he gets pwned by a stage prop. :rofl: what was he doing at the f***ing Tony awards anyway??? and yes, of course this deserved its own thread. :thumb:
  11. nugz

    Abortion doctor shot and killed

    who's heard about this? late-term abortion doctor, George Tiller, shot and killed yesterday. hypocrisy anyone? :cool:
  12. nugz

    Morrissey on Perez Hilton again

    I just find this funny cuz I'm pretty sure Perez Hilton had no f***ing clue who Morrissey was until recently. When he posted that pic of Chloe Sevigny in her Smiths inspired Halloween costume a year and a half ago, he had no clue what it actually meant. Someone probably told him Morrissey was...
  13. nugz

    Tupac is Alive!
  14. nugz

    Daisy of Love

    is starting now. discuss.
  15. nugz

    selling 1 ticket to Philly show

    I don't have the ticket right infront of me, but its Row B, on the right side. I'm selling it for 80 (it was more with all the fees). PM me. :thumb:
  16. nugz

    Deathcab for Cutie's cover of "There is a Light"

    does anyone have this? it was from some radio show they did I think. posted here a while back. thx!
  17. nugz

    Happy birthday oscillate wildly!

    Happy Birthday, sweetie!!! :thumb::flowers::rock:
  18. nugz

    New Tarantino Movie

    anyone hear about this? a co-worker told me about it today. Due out in August, 09. Brad Pitt is the lead. Here's a couple trailers. It's about killing nazis. Looks pretty badass. :cool: Eg5WNWl-new&feature=related
  19. nugz

    It's not loud enough. My ears aren't bleeding

    seriously though, how do I make my music louder on my itunes? when I play my ipod, alot of my songs just don't sound loud enough. especially the stuff I buy directly off itunes. or maybe I'm just deaf. either way I need it louder. I dled "ipodwizard" and I didnt have a compatible version of ipod...
  20. nugz

    45 Years Ago Today...

    The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time! :guitar: it's not on youtube, i swear. but the whole thing can be seen on video google. can't embed those here. :(
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