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  1. pagnani32

    music box

    does anyone have any idea if there are any morrissey/smiths music boxes out there and if so, how do i get one?
  2. pagnani32

    Roundhouse Tuesday night? Anyone?

    Anyone have the recording of Tuesday night's show at the Roundhouse? It would be much appreciated as a fellow solo-er and friend of mine chatted it up with Moz quite a lot! She would be very grateful to get her hands on it I'm sure:D Thanks!
  3. pagnani32

    I spent my birthday with Morrissey!

    Now I know most of you aren't going to believe this but here we go....Last night I went to the show in SLC and had the best best birthday of my life! First off I was at the Morrissey concert on my birthday right up front, couldn't ask for more right? Well it only gets better from here. Then...
  4. pagnani32

    Anyone got tickets for SLC show?

    I can't get ticketmaster to work and I'm freaking out here!
  5. pagnani32

    Stressed Stressed Stressed!

    Ok so I am all pumped up about tickets going on pre-sale tomorrow, then my sisters boyfriend ruined it all by telling me that I have no chance in hell to get front row tickets. He says that all the front row seats are taken because people that work at the box office keep them for their friends...
  6. pagnani32


    I was wondering if anyone here knows how to go about getting a Moz autograph. When he played in SLC I waited around back for what seemed like hours, even chased down a bus or two, all with no luck. I'm headed to Vegas in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?
  7. pagnani32

    Morrissey Drunk?

    Did anyone go to the show last night in Salt Lake and notice that Moz seemed to be trashed? Just wondering, incredible how good he sounded for being pissed!
  8. pagnani32

    Lyrics that only Morrissey could sing...

    Ok just wondering If I feel the same...What do you feel are some of the lyrics that only the Moz man can get away with singing? Lyrics that you would probably make fun of coming from someone else's mouth? For example...."We've never seen a Keener window-cleaner" and "dunking the chamois " Ok...
  9. pagnani32

    Vegas Baby!

    Yeah I just got tickets to the Vegas show Whaahooo!:D I decided that I would rather sit back and enjoy the show from the seats this time, rather than fight with the Vegas crowd in GA. I'm interested to see how different it's going to be, I'm hitting one show in GA (Salt Lake City) and the other...
  10. pagnani32

    I would like 1 ticket for Las Vegas

    Hey everyone, Just found out I'm going to be in the area just in time for the Vegas concert. I need just one ticket, if anyone has one would you pretty please let me know? Thanks!:D
  11. pagnani32

    Advice on General Admission Please!

    I was just wondering since this is the first time I've bought GA tickets for a Morrissey concert, how early do I need to get there if I want to be up close and personal? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. pagnani32

    Presale for Salt Lake City Show

    So I've never bought tickets presale before and the Salt Lake City show isn't on sale on ticketmaster do I buy presale through SmithsTix where they are sale or do I have to go to ticketmaster for presale? HELP PLEASE!!!
  13. pagnani32

    How about a Morrissey look-a-like Frink thread?

    Here's one for starters.....
  14. pagnani32

    Worst Music Video Ever?

    What music video do you absolutly despise, or think is just plain strange? I'm talking of course of The Smiths and Moz. I just looked up Ouija Board and OMG! Little kids dancing around with some crazy old lady? I couldn't even watch the whole thing, I was quite embarrassed:o My second...
  15. pagnani32

    Piccadilly Palare

    I know I must be the most ignorant person on this forum, but could someone please tell me what this song is all about? Thanks!
  16. pagnani32

    American Tour Dates?

    Has anyone heard anything about Morrissey's tour coming to America? I would die if I missed it.
  17. pagnani32

    Has Morrissey ever been arrested?

    Because i'm pretty sure this is a mug shot.
  18. pagnani32

    Morrissey banned in Utah?

    Anyone ever hear about Morrissey having a "personal moment" on stage in Utah and being banned for it? Some time in the 80's? Is this why he never comes to Utah in concert?
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