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    The Mumbles: "The Dust Left Behind" (New Album!)

    The Mumbles have now completed their new album, "The Dust Left Behind". Stylistically it is a progression from 2008's "The Wire" and follows the rules set out by "Night Train". The album contains eleven songs and will be released on November 30th 2009. Some tracks from the album can be heard...
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    Night Shift Radio Show

    Tonight I will be presenting the first Night Shift radio show on I'll be playing the best goth and alternative music around so if you're into that then give us a listen! (9pm uk time) cheers! :D
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    REQ: Tube 1986 video?

    Found this picture on the net: I was wondering, are there any recordings of this performance? It would be interesting to hear Morrissey singing with the boy, who is he?
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    REQ: Wonderful Woman (1985)

    I read that The Smiths soundchecked Wonderful Woman in 1985. Are there any recordings of it?
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    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (Piano Cover)

    Was a bit bored today so I recorded a very basic piano & vocals cover of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side and stuck the result on Youtube. Let me know what you lot think :)
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    The Cowbell Track

    Found this on "Played on BBC6's Mark Riley show. Mike Joyce was on and played a studio outtake which Simon Goddard had referred to as The Cowbell Track." Click
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    Alsatian Cousin [Hammersmith 91 Remastered] Audio is taken from the 'We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful' single :)
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    REQ - Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom (07/16/1986)

    Is there any chance someone could upload this gig? I'm interested because it's the first time Panic, Never Had No-One Ever and The Queen Is Dead were played and it's also the only time [in The Smiths career] that There Is A Light was performed in full (with the "There is a light that never goes...
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    Imperfect List

    Could someone please upload Imperfect List from the single itself?
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    The Queen Is Dead (Album) Demos

    I was looking on Passions at the lyrics to There Is A Light and read this at the bottom of the page: I had a look at some other TQID tracks to find other notes about "earlier versions" with lyrical variations. Are these demos available on the net?
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    The Smiths Indeed - UK Tour

    23 Mar 2007 19:00 Carling Academy Islington London 7 Apr 2007 20:00 Carling Academy Liverpool Liverpool 8 Apr 2007 20:00 One Big Easter Indie 2007 Heywood Civic Centre (Manchester) 14 Apr 2007 8:00 The Music Rooms Sunderland, Northeast 4 May 2007 19:30 The Venue Dumfries...
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    Who Put The "M" In Manchester? - Audio Rip?

    A while ago someone posted an audio-rip of the Manchester 2004 DVD. I've had a look round the forum but can't find it :( Is the link still active? Could someone point me in the right direction? :)
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    Get Moz In The Charts - MAILING LIST

    Hello everyone, Sorry for the inconvenience and stuff, but I am delighted to tell you that you can now sign up to the mailing list :D I sent a test email to the first 5 people that signed up, hopefully they got it, I told them to post a message in the guestbook to say they have received...
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    REQ: I Don't Owe You Anything (Demo)

    Occording to Passions there is a demo of IDOYA: Early demo of this song stretched up to 7 minutes and included an abandoned verse at the end. This verse mentioned "The rude girl that you have known" which will "make you smile tonight". It also included this line: "How I want to forget...
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    A few 'rarities' I Keep Mine Hidden (The Smiths) Work Is A Four Letter Word (The Smiths) Please Help The Cause Again Loneliness (Morrissey) Please Help The Cause Again Loneliness (Morrissey & Sandie Shaw) I don't know if these are considered as "rare" but I uploaded...
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    Quick Request

    Hi Could someone please share good quality live recordings of Alsatian Cousin and Tomorrow? Thanks in advance, Robert :)
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    REQ: Roseland, New York, NY (25/11/1992)

    Could someone please upload: 25 November 1992 Roseland, New York, NY The Loop The National Front Disco November Spawned A Monster We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful You're The One For Me Fatty Suedehead Glamorous Glue We'll Let You Know Such A Little Thing...
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    TOTP... no Marr..?

    I found a picture of The Smiths on TOTP (here) is that really Marr on the right? Or is it Craig Gannon (sp) Anyone know what song they're performing? Did Marr not attent or is he just out of the shot?
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    The Smiths - Hacienda, Manchester, UK (02/04/1983)

    Here it is, my favourite Smiths bootleg. Apparently this gig was professionally filmed and a video exists! :eek: I would love to see it! Passions... 4 February 1983 Hacienda, Manchester These Things Take Time What Difference Does It Make...
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    Final Smiths Gig - Conspiracy Theory

    As I was lying in a hospital bed this morning, waiting for my operation, I was listening to a recording of The Smiths' final gig, December 12th 1986, Brixton Academy. Passions Just Like Mine writes... Ask Bigmouth Strikes Again London/Miserable Lie Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others...
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