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    15 Minutes With...Andrew Paresi (McGibbon) by Julie Hamill

    He seems to be a great person. His work with Morrissey is unique and excellent. Kudos to Julie. Thank you.
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    Best Moz solo gig you've been to and you wish you'd have been to?

    The best was the first at Kingswood Music Theatre north of Toronto, July 5th, 1991. I was in the front row, slightly left of centre. I was 17 years old and an absolute fanatic and Morrissey came out on stage and touched my hand before he did anything else. The most exciting moment of my life.
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    Dublin National Stadium - where it all began...

    Re: Dublin National Stadium ~ where it all began... I remember MuchMusic in Canada aired footage of this concert. I emailed them years ago if they ever planned to show the entire concert but they didn't reply.
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    House Of Blues Myrtle Beach

    I agree, RobLand. It's a small venue so the view will be great regardless. Stand outside all day in Myrtle Beach in July? You'll be sick as a dog by the time the show starts, guaranteed! It's pretty exciting that Morrissey is playing in Myrtle Beach. This place was like a second home to...
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    Whose going to the Myrtle Beach show?

    People do wait all day but I don't think I'm going to. I'm getting old and am more prone to heat stroke:D I hear it's a great venue so it'll be enjoyable no matter where you're standing I'm sure.
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    Whose going to the Myrtle Beach show?

    I tried making dinner reservations online but it didn't allow me to for that particular date. July in Myrtle's going to be as hot as hell waiting in line outside all day to get in.
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