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  1. rifke

    Comment by 'rifke' in 'TAT and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'

    and on top of it all, I complained about you posting a cat video! :( oh tat, you've really been put throw the wringer, im sorry! I don't know what to say. I have confidence in you though! you're so smart and you've got tons of experience. I don't think anyone needs to worry about our tat.
  2. rifke

    Comment by 'rifke' in 'Sleeping in Seattle'

    seattles the perfect city. wish I could live there, or at least visit more often.
  3. rifke

    Comment by 'rifke' in 'vincent'

    oh what a relief to receive an update regarding your idea! i thought you had totally forgotten about this poor bunny. to make money would be nice, obviously, but really what i am looking for is justification for my directionless lifestyle. if i can say "i am a writer" and actually have written...
  4. rifke

    Comment by 'rifke' in 'vincent'

    you must think im quite mad laughing out loud for no reason! actually i was responding to calamine lotion harassing me, but she seems to have removed her post. or perhaps my reporting it actually worked (would be shocked if it did).
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  7. rifke

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    oh you are tooooooo kind!
  8. rifke

    Comment by 'rifke' in 'vincent'

    haha, glad you like it! yes, very unbothered. i was stuffing my face with chocolate as i did it and laughing about the idea of a bunny cutting off his ear. now if only i had had some absinth to go along with the chocolate, i may have gotten really creative! (i did want to give him a little...
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    van bunny
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    rifke's Blog

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    Comment by 'rifke' in 'I was here'

    oh gosh, you're using the word "whom" wrong.
  12. rifke

    my workplace

    part one: martha At first she is startling in her let-it-all-hang-out rotundity. "Why," my sister asks after meeting her the first time, "is her belly so big and low?"; a question I, being more liberal and accepting than my sister (who it should be noted feels the need to criticize and find...
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