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  1. TheReader

    User accounts

    I was looking at the FAQ's earlier because I had forgotten how to do something and I noticed that there's no instructions anywhere (that I could find) that tell you how to delete your account. And I couldn't see any option on the User CP that allows you to unsubscribe. Is that not a bit...
  2. TheReader

    Happy Birthday Lottie!

    Happy, Happy Birthday Lottie, :flowers::flowers::flowers: I was going to post you a photo of Morrissey wearing a frinky cardigan, but I'm at work and can't remember my photobox password. Sorry. Have a marvelous day xxx
  3. TheReader

    Britain's Got Talent

    Jesus. There might actually be a smidgen talent in Britain after all. I never usually watch this programme, but have just seen this on YouTube: Couldn't embed it so the link is: Shame the camera's kept missing whole sections of what was going on but...
  4. TheReader

    There Is a Light - without intro

    Does anyone know where I can download a studio version of "There is A Light' without the long intro? I'm sure I had it as a single and the intro was cut down... Thanks.
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