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  1. Bonaparte Shandy

    'It was the best of tunes . . . '

    Leave aside the lyrics, for once, and, while we're at it, leave aside The Smiths and cover versions. So, purely as a solo artist, what have been the best and most golden tunes that have featured on official releases? Only the tunes, mind. Mr Shandy and myself, after much deliberation, are going...
  2. Bonaparte Shandy

    Stage backdrops

    Mr Shandy and myself frequently amuse ourselves flicking each other through our favourite Morrissey memorabilia. We often remind each other of stage props and backdrops we have enjoyed across the years and sometimes see an image that would be perfect hanging from the rafters at the back of the...
  3. Bonaparte Shandy


    Mr Shandy and myself will be trotting off down Tib Street later to do a spot of panic buying: cat litter, brylcreem, chickpeas and vegan lubricants. What will YOU lot be panic buying? Mmm?
  4. Bonaparte Shandy

    Sartorially speaking, he’s at his trampy vest

    And so, Mr Shandy and I made it back to the Northern Quarter of Manchester (no thanks to the utter OAFS of Northern Rail). Cat’s still alive. ANYWAY, we had a delightful weekend in Leeds; noshed a few vegans on Saturday afternoon and turned up in the Turks Head gin shop (one up from the...
  5. Bonaparte Shandy


    From TicketMaster Doors: 18:00 Film: 20:00 - 20:40 Morrissey: 20:40 Curfew: 23:00 There will be no support act on the night Lots of tickets left! Mr Shandy and myself will be enjoying a vindaloo in the (very good) Indian restaurant behind the venue.
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