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  1. joe frady

    BBC Radio 4 ~ David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust at 50" audio documentary

    Excellent radio programme to mark the golden 'jubilee' of Queen Ziggy... ...If you can tune out the awful narration inserts by Toyah Wilcox, reading as if English is her 3rd language, reminding us all that she was once a laughable 'actress'... The...
  2. joe frady

    RSD 2022

    Anybody happen to catch the leaked, possibly provisional, list that apparently went up on RSD Espana this morning? í clicked on it at work but didn't have time to snoop & save, and now it's vanished. And seemingly nobody else screenshotted it either. Someone mentioned an Electronic/JFM release...
  3. joe frady

    Sinéad O'Connor ~ "Rememberings" autobiography

    í intend acquiring this next week, but just wondered whether anyone around these parts had read it yet, and could offer a review. And any Morrissey mentions within? .
  4. joe frady

    Saorise Ronan's unexpected Morrissey connection

    *Breaking News*... Saoirse Ronan's Granda' was Best Man at Morrissey's parent's wedding... ...More as we get it. .
  5. joe frady

    The New Cue #19: Lost In Music: Kevin Cummins (May 17, 2021)

    Intro: Today, we have a special edition all about the life and work of photographer Kevin Cummins, whose shots of Joy Division, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Happy Mondays, The Smiths, Manic Street Preachers, New Order, Polly Harvey and many, many others you will have ripped from NME in the 1970s...
  6. joe frady

    Johnny Marr acoustic performance ~ BrewDog Virtual AGM 10th April 2021

    Apologies if this has already been posted, but just in case it has not ~ ~ í think the vocals are getting better {or 'bedder' as JM might say?} There can never be enough reverb, í'm afraid. Almost as good a Smiths vocal as the drunk Cork lesbians í took up with at the Savoy in 2011. But...
  7. joe frady

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY LOVES ‘SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD’ FILM" (March 29, 2021)

    The Man from Morrissey...he say Yes! (y) "I laughed, I cried, I ate my own head. The Smiths' past still sounds like today's frustrations and tomorrow's liberations."...
  8. joe frady

    Nick Cave and his £45 happy chocolates

    Satire is dead, Dead, DEAD, í say... .
  9. joe frady

    The Monkees ~ day-by-day

    For any and all Daydream Believers ~ a 700+ page book on The Monkees, including unseen photographs, letters, contracts and...'depositions'. You know it's gonna be a great Pop Story when there are depositions involved. Still waiting for that Smiths Day-by-Day then. Life is very long...
  10. joe frady

    "The Sparks Brothers" documentary trailer

    Spot the obvious omission...? Pity. He would have looked good in B+W. But at least we get to hear what they mean to... Flea :straightface: 'Directed' by the eternal posh film geek that got lucky and hang out in LA with his heroes based on a thimble-full of actual cinematic talent...Edgar...
  11. joe frady

    Morrissey Central "BMG DUMP MORRISSEY" (November 16, 2020) fin... . Excerpt: BMG Records have dropped Morrissey. Following the March 2020 release of I AM NOT A DOG ON A CHAIN (#1 Scotland, #1 Poland, #3 Britain, #3 France, #10 Spain, #13 Germany, #2, #9, #17, #18 U.S.A. -...
  12. joe frady

    Morrissey Central "NEW RELEASE" (October 31, 2020) Morrissey's duet with David Bowie is released on Friday 13th November. The digital download / streaming will be followed by a 7-inch disc on 19th February. Sleeve front and back photographs of David Bowie and Morrissey were...
  13. joe frady

    The New European article comparison with nationalism and patriotism

    Interesting article written by Kevin Cummins in "The New European" to mark the release of his Britpop book this week, looking at notions of nationalism, toxicity, etc. Some good quotage from Brett...
  14. joe frady

    Morrissey Central "Shere Hite" (October 1, 2020)

    Shere Hite 1942 - 2020 ✊ :kiss: .
  15. joe frady

    Dundee Courier ‘Morrissey kissed me on the cheek’: Remembering historic Smiths gig in Dundee 35 years ago (September 25, 2020)

    In the "Dundee Courier" 'nostalgia' section (!) a trip down memory lane to The Smiths concert at the Caird Hall 35 years ago to-morrow. Interviews with a...
  16. joe frady

    Morrissey questionnaire: Melody Maker, 5th January 1991

    Unearthed from the Frady archives; for your pleasure? As part of the "Melody Maker" 1990 Pick of the Year feature, 'A selection of Maker favourites (?!) look back on the best and worst of 1990 and forward to the New Year' ~ Morrissey Best Single: "I'm Hardly Ever Wrong" ~ The Would-Be's...
  17. joe frady

    Morrissey interview (audio) - January 1991, Beech Mount, with Steven Daly for SPIN magazine 2hr 7min tape recording of a delightful Morrissey interview, conducted by Glasgow '80s boy Steven Daly {ex-drummer of Orange Juice} turned features writer at "SPIN" magazine. Location ~ Beech Mount...
  18. joe frady

    The Killers may not be quite the nice dudes their band name implies...?

    So, there's all kinds of social media sources for this, linking back to the following pretty horrific 2015 blog post from a female crew member on what has now been revealed to be The Killers road crew in 2009. Everyone in 'Killers Inc Ltd' are panicking to stress that no band member was...
  19. joe frady

    Morrissey & Julie Christie?

    Quickie ~ Listening to "Autobiography" again, í hear the bit where, after revealing he'd turned down Charlie Richardson's personal invitation to play him in a bio-pic, he reels off in amazement a smattering of the bright stars that have shot across his bow over the years. Alan Bennet, Dick...
  20. joe frady

    "Yes, I Am Blind"... a beautiful song, í think. What do you think? Lame thread right? To be honest, it's just a cheap excuse for me to post this photograph that í found to-day... "A newborn lamb rests beside a sleeping child in Ogmore Vale, 16th March 1940" Feel free to move this wherever you deem...
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