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  1. Mike Mozfan

    Rumours of gene reunion

    I have a pal who works in the UK Music Express mag and he tells me that Gene will reunite in 2008-2009 for a reunion world tour. According to the report (which is non-pub yet), sales for Gene material, especially in the UK have NOT slagged off since their breakup in 2004. For anyone who has seen...
  2. Mike Mozfan

    77 Moz/Smiths cds for sale

    Hello, I am paring down my collection and I have complete catalogues for sale as a collection. I have all "official" releases of all Smiths/Moz, cds and many singles, as well as almost 40 "imports" (we all know what that means). A few of the "imports" are cd-r, but all come complete with...
  3. Mike Mozfan

    77 studio and bootlegs Smiths/Moz for sale as collection

    Hello all, I am dematerializing and selling all my boots and studio lps (cd format) and single sets. I have 17 regular release Moz cds (basically his whole catalogue), 29 Moz boots (most of his collections, rareties and concerts through 2000), 11 regular release Smiths cds and singles (same...
  4. Mike Mozfan

    New Smiths DVD out

    Smiths, The Under Review DVD, The Smiths Under Review is a 90 minute documentary film covering the full story and music of The Smiths. It features rare musical performances, videos, TV appearances, interviews with the band, and expert comment and review, $18.99, New: 6/22/2006 This was from...
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