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  1. Bonaparte Shandy

    The Smiths A-Z: "Sheila Take a Bow"

    Now (and even then, if truth be told) the lack of ideas is evident. I'd enjoyed this ten years previously when Sweet, Mud, T Rex and Slade had bashed and stamped all over similar grooves. 'Panic' was reverential theft and adoration, this is just lazy pilfering.
  2. Bonaparte Shandy

    Best 8th song on a Morrissey album

    Oh dear, this is getting so tiresome. Still: best song to NEVER appear on a Morrissey album? 'No One Can Hold A Candle to You'
  3. Bonaparte Shandy

    The Smiths A-Z: "Shakespeare's Sister"

    Slight and throwaway. The gaps in quality control were starting to show and the whole thing is redeemed only by the force of the rhythm section and the brevity of the offering. The 'Shakespeare' reference has always puzzled us in the context of the actual lyric. Is it the intention of the...
  4. Bonaparte Shandy

    Best second song on a Morrissey album

    A little bit self-selecting ain't it Guv? What about songs that would (or have) driven you to the bar? Meat is Murder Black Cloud Life is a Pigsty How Soon Is Now First of the Gang Jackie Don't Make Fun Moon Over Kentucky Paris Carol
  5. Bonaparte Shandy

    Your top 10 Morrissey solo songs of all time

    Not ONE mention of 'Black Cloud' (as far as we can see). God, what a terrible, terrible dirge . . . and that hysterical overwrought reading - the point at which the muse probably left for good.
  6. Bonaparte Shandy

    Your top 10 Morrissey solo songs of all time

    Nobody Loves Us - above all, always Interesting Drug National Front Disco Bengali In Platforms Asian Rut This Is Not Your Country Born To Hang Now My Heart is Full Alma Matters Reader Meet Author Black Cloud - to be consigned to the deepest pit of hell. There's another list! Songs you'd go to...
  7. Bonaparte Shandy

    'High School' / 'California' / 'Dog' trilogy of albums

    LIHS would surely be shunned by any right-thinking points 2 and 3 of this imagined trilogy: it's truly a career low-point being almost completely devoid of tune, wit or insight. Wrap that up in a cover that would struggle to get a pass grade in GCSE art and you have a product best forgotten...
  8. Bonaparte Shandy

    The Smiths A-Z: "A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours"

    Somewhat late, but do enjoy what's left of it . . .
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  10. Bonaparte Shandy

    The Smiths A-Z: "A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours"

    Oh, how sweet of you, really. We corresponded briefly with the chap that administers the project and suggested a book . . . we're still all quills poised and ink-wells shimmering.
  11. Bonaparte Shandy

    The Smiths A-Z: "A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours"

    The original quote is borrowed from a poem by Wilde's mother who was imagining / encouraging a seizure of Irish land from English landlords during the numerous 'Land Wars' of the mid to late 19th century. Frequently cited by oafs as evidence of Morrissey's 'racism' the title in its original...
  12. Bonaparte Shandy

    UK tour?

    ONLY South - we would never lower ourselves to EITHER Central or North. We had bad experiences under each of them.
  13. Bonaparte Shandy

    Morrissey Central "Irish Blood" - Killarney penciled in for Sep. 24 (June 6, 2022)

    Nora, the Maid of Killarney by William Topaz McGonagall Down by the beautiful Lakes of Killarney, Off times I have met my own dear Barney, In the sweet summer time of the year, In the silvery moonlight so clear, I've rambled with my sweetheart Barney, Along the green banks of the Lakes...
  14. Bonaparte Shandy

    What song are you listening to right now?

    It's that time of year again when we may sit through the evenings on our Angel Meadow balcony and watch the sun dipping behind the Strangeways tower. We talk of many things and occasionally amuse ourselves with such questions as - 'what's been the best song he's ever played live?' For me, it's...
  15. Bonaparte Shandy

    Best/favourite live version of 'Jack The Ripper'

    We think the current version a tad overwrought and far too pleased with itself.
  16. Bonaparte Shandy

    Morrisey's controversial views

    We once saw Lionel Richie at Gradwell's record shop in Oldham - does anyone else remember? 'Machine Gun' by the Commodores was in the charts and they were playing the 'Cat's Whiskers' that evening. He was wearing a long Afghan coat, had a massive Afro and caught the 59 back to Oldham town...
  17. Bonaparte Shandy

    Morrissey A-Z: "I Am Veronica"

    One hopes the dear boy is throwing us the dross first, prior to birthing an album full of late-period classics. However, is this is the highlight of what may arrive . . . .
  18. Bonaparte Shandy

    Morrissey Central "SAN LUIS OBISPO" (May 13, 2022)

    We strolled down to Platform 14 on Piccadilly today to catch a train to Preston (he had an appointment). We always look down at the old Star and Garter and reminisce. Was it really 40 years ago?
  19. Bonaparte Shandy

    Pasadena, CA - Cruel World Fest (May 15, 2022) post-show

    We look at that set list with a degree of 'meh'. Such a back catalogue, such a rich depth of work. Don't go all 'sing us our favourite song' on us; this is an average set list; an almost can't be arsed setlist. He could do so much more, so much better.
  20. Bonaparte Shandy

    Morrissey Central "Online Art." (May 12, 2022)

    He'd have done really well round the back of Shude Hill
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