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  1. Mozza220559

    Moz with a beard

    Just pissing around on this face app and I thought he looks beaut with a beard!
  2. S

    Morrissey in Los Angeles photo posted by Kevin Westenberg / Facebook

    Kevin Westenberg / Facebook: MORRISSEY. Los Angeles. photo: ©Kevin Westenberg. #kevinwestenberg #morrissey #bw KEVIN WESTENBERG is now on INSTAGRAM. #kevinwestenberg via @Intl_Playboy / Twitter, link from an anonymous person:
  3. Mozza220559

    Is the shirt toss more violent now?

    The last 2 Moz gigs I've been to have resulted in really violent fights over the shirt at the end of the set, I never remember it being that violent say 10 years ago and probably wasn't nowhere near as messy in the 80s and 90s, what do you all reckon??
  4. Mozza220559


    Who smokes weed? I've not had any for ages months and months. I think the attitude towards it is changing as well, the laws seem a lot more relaxed. What do you think?
  5. R

    Viv Nicholson dies at age 79

    Roberto Ferdenzi writes: Viv Nicholson RIP Heaven Knows We're Miserable Now. 'Spend, spend, spend' Pools winner Viv Nicholson dies - BBC News Also: This charming woman: why Morrissey and the Smiths loved Viv Nicholson by Laura Barton - The Guardian. Link posted by Roberto Ferdenzi via...
  6. Mozza220559

    Has Morrissey ever condemned The Grand National?

    In recent times Morrissey has been particularly vocal about animal right issues, but has he ever publicly condemned the annual tradition of The Grand National? Seems like a logical choice? Right?
  7. Mozza220559

    How often do you wash your hair?

    Everyday, ever other day? Each week?
  8. Mozza220559

    Leeds gig

    What time's the old poofter on?
  9. M

    The shame of beloved Mexico - Morrissey statement at

    Morrissey statement on True to you: The shame of beloved Mexico - 2 January 2015 I felt delight this week to see serial killer Karla de los Angeles justifiably gored in a bullring in Mexico City against her largely defenseless opponent...
  10. Mozza220559

    2015 resolutions/plans

    Have any of you lot decided on any New Years resolutions? I usually don't make any as I see it as a load of bullshit but this year I'd like to start doing a lot more freelance design and illustration. I'm just far too lazy though but I need to get out of that mindset, I'm going to curb the...
  11. Mozza220559

    The Design thread

    What is your favourite piece of design? For me it's: The AGA range cooker The British motorway signage system The London Underground map The Astin Martin DB5 Carl F.A Wienke's corkscrew The coca-cola hour-glass bottle The bakelight telephone The zippo lighter The samurai sword...
  12. Mozza220559

    I'm going to New York

    Me and the other half are looking to book a trip to NY soon for next xmas, does anyone live there who could recommend any good hotels/apartments places of interest that are off the beaten track that aren't too expensive in the cool parts of town? Don't know what borough to stay in either, we...
  13. Mozza220559

    Brilliant Knitted Moz Jumper - Shredders

    These are ace! They also have a nice Viva Hate zip up hoodie too, plus some nice Shining joggers and sweats!
  14. Mozza220559

    Who is Peter Hogg?

    Can anyone tell me? I see his name banded round here now and again but nobody's ever gone into detail about who he is.
  15. Mozza220559

    Is the World Peace album somewhat of a rarity now?

    We've got the album but has the value or do you think the value will go up? And do you think it's likely to get released again? I mean what about all the unsold copies? What happens to them?
  16. Mozza220559

    The Amazing Snakeheads

    They're from Glasgow. They are good, they're extremely good actually and I've not seen them mentioned anywhere on here. I went to see them on Thursday in a dingy dive club in my lowly City of Hull, the night was bitter and the wind was brisk. It was was a shame really because the venue was...
  17. Mozza220559

    Cocteau Twins Thread

    Who's a fan? I'm a total new comer but love the few songs I've heard, I was listening to the Head Over Heels album last night. Absolutely fantastic. Current favourite song at the minute is In The Gold Dust Rush. Gorgeous, lush layered guitars with astounding vocals and spine tingling...
  18. Mozza220559

    Fat White Family

    Anybody listened to these? I have listened to a good few tracks now, they're filthy, they're from Brixton. They've got a dirty DIY garage sound. A bit Fall-like, a bit Can-like. Definitely interesting.
  19. T

    Antwerp, Belgium (Nov. 26) date listed on Live Nation; on sale Sep. 3 [update - removed]

    UPDATE Aug. 29: The listing is back on. UPDATE Aug. 26: Satlook posts: Not on live nation anymore, at this time. Morrissey - Live Nation 26th of November Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen On Sale op: 3 sep 2014 10:00
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