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    £5 t shirts on sale

    Hi,I ordered 4 £5 t shirts and this is what I got,I happy a nice selection.I'm going to Cancun in a few weeks and I'll wear a few of them and just see if anyone says anything.
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    Bargain or did you pay too much?

    Hi,while I am very happy with cds I have bought the last three white label albums (one signed).I have bought what I consider a bargain but my wife thinks I'm mad eg I bought a viva hate promo box set with the two promo photos signed for £75 about 10/12 years ago.Has anyone ever massively over...
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    Tour ticket prices, your thoughts

    I have seen some people remarking on Facebook that the ticket prices are high for the euro tour,from my position I believe they are reasonable.I spent over £300 for me and my wife to see Dylan and Neil young last year and would do it again,what are your thoughts?
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    Rosa Parks book,mine eyes have seen the glory

    has anyone read this book?is it any good?,I must admit the title caught my eye.
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    Test pressing from the USA

    hi,I bought a test pressing from the states I was about $114 today however I have received a card from the postie claiming they can't deliver as there is a customs charge of£24.25 and the royal mail wants a £8 handling fee as well,is this right I thought there was a certain limit?
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    Record store 7" box sets release 11/5/19

    hi,record store has the two box sets of singles advertised for sale on the 11/5/19 at £37.99 if anyone is interested.
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    Morrissey on Broadway? What can be expected?

    Hi,I'm from London and have been lucky to have the opportunities to have Morrissey many times but because I can't afford New York this year I believe that these concerts will be legendary.I have seen Morrissey 3 times at the London Palladium and they were magnificent.Does anyone think that...
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    The future of vegetarism?

    Hi, Andy Partridge from XTC has put on twitter a message that although he eats meat and fish when lab created meat becomes readily available to the public he will switch,he also states that there would be no need to kill or hunt any animals.Is this future for vegetarians ?
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    Looking to buy 7" promos

    Hi,if anyone has any 7" promos available for sale I would be interested,please contact me,thank you
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    Johnny Marr signing at Rough Trade East on 15/06/2018

    hi,Johnny is signing copies of his latest album on Friday,it costs £18.99 at least you will know it's a genuine autograph
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    What's your favourite venue to see Morrissey?

    Even before last Saturday,I love the London Palladium this being the fourth time I have seen Morrissey here(I managed to shake his wrist twice Saturday) the intimacy and to my ears the sound makes this my favourite venue.I have seen Morrissey in Northern Ireland,Scotland in very small venues and...
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    Morrissey is just a singer?

    Despite all the condemnations from fans,press,politicians,and it seems the rest of the general public is it me or is it possible to love,admire,revere and devour someone's musical catalogue without caring about there views or opinions about anything?I mean Morrissey has opinions on different...
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    Run out groove LIHS test pressing

    hi,as far as my eyes can see the markings on the test pressings are,side a LIHS A1 and 108321-a1 and side b LIHS B1 and 108321-b1 ,my copy is signed on the b- side,maybe a bit anal but I'm never going to play this so all the data checks out
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    bbc show maida vale

    I know it's a stab in the dark but with no success in the lottery for tickets if anyone has a spare please contact me i would be eternally grateful
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    ID magazine February 1983

    hi,does anyone have a copy of this magazine to sell I really want one,please ,thanks
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    Johnny Marrs book

    Just ordered from Waterstones,£14.99 signed copy to go with my Morrissey autobiography also signed
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    Cheap train travel

    hi,I've booked return tickets London to Manchester for £20 return,very reasonable I think virgin trains
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    Tickets needed

    hi,apparently the standing tickets sold out in 5 minutes and I missed out,if anyone has 2 spare I would be grateful,thanks
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    The kinks

    I have just rediscovered the kinks,I was always a massive fan but the 6 cd picture book box set that encompasses their entire career is fantastic and I can't stop playing it.Does anyone know if Morrissey has referenced the kinks or Ray Davies? It would excellent if Morrissey were to cover "I'...
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    Thanks Morrissey

    I for one would like to thank Morrissey for the the opportunity to purchase these two signed lips,both of which I adore.It appears that whatever Morrissey does or doesn't do he is ridiculed/abused/mocked or worse.I believe that Morrissey as a famous animal rights activist is fund raising for a...
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