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  2. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Does Having A Birthday On June 30th Make You A Better Morrissey Fan???

    PregnantForTheLastTime & BUZZETTA :guitar: <3333333333333
  3. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Private Messages Question

    If I create a new folder and send all the messages I have in my inbox, will my inbox space become empty again so that I don't have to keep deleting PMs all the time??? it's been at 96% full for the past year or so, I have to delete everything I send + inbox messages all the time in order to...
  4. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Where Is Math Thinder???

    Serious question Anyone know what happened to her??? =/
  5. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Another Anti-MEAT Thread

    Vegan warriors, I need your help!! =) Is there a place online where I can go to educate myself on how to make the change from veg to vegan??? Been wanting to do this for a while, and now is the time, but don't really know how to go about it. Been veg for years now, but this is kinda...
  6. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Morrissey (BAND) Pics

    Hey y'all, looking for pics of this band Those 5 only :thumb: Lost all my saved documents a few months ago, so need to look for pics all over again :( Where can I go to find them??? thx <3
  7. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Why Is Solo(w) So Dead???

    Haven't been coming here much lately, but seems like it's less and less active every time............ =/
  8. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    ★★★ Morrissey/Smiths Song Elimination Game <333

    Ok bitches, here are the rules..... You +1, -2 each time you vote..... Each song starts at 20, Just copy & paste the last post, add, subtract and your done. Every round ends when one song is left standing.... Only vote once every hour... Reel Around The Fountain - 20 You've Got...
  9. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Funny Screen Names

    What are some of the best / funniest screen names or ghostnics you've seen at other sites??? =D
  10. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Help Me Figure Out Who These People Are

    Hi ^_^ Please help me get the full names of these celebs... They are from a list of 20 that I need to know, got the others down, but these I don't know.. pop culture shit is not my thing :( ... at least they had James Dean @ #15 <3333 EDIT: I Just Need To Know Who This Guy...
  11. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    NRITH Boardicides???

    Read that he's is leaving Solo??? =o What happened???
  12. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    "Do You Have A _____?" Threads HATE THREAD!!!

    :crazy: Hate Them ... Merge Them All!!!
  13. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Visibility Hate!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm now "invisible" again because I hate that some times I take off leaving the window open to this site and it shows as if I'm still here for a long time, when I'm actually not..... </3 Wish the little light thingy would go off by itself after 5 or 10 mins of inactivity or something...
  14. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Calling All Nerds!!!!

    NVM I Got it :blushing:
  15. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    Black Girls & Toasty HATE!!!

    Who watches America's Next Top Model??? I can't stand those 3 ... yuk!!
  16. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    "This Corrosion" Hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gawd I've always hated this song, was listening to the Floodland album by Sisters Of Mercy... it is a total shit song and don't get how it became their most popular song :crazy: I HATE all the gimme the ring shit! and specially the retarded chorus line Hey now, hey now now.. nah nah nah or...
  17. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    SHAMWOW GUY Gets Arrested For Bitch-Slapping A Prostitute
  18. *EqualOpportunityHater*

    COLGATE -Sparkling White Cinnamint HATE!

    ^^^ This crap burned/irritated my mouth all over inside today... not cool. DON'T buy it, it's the devil's toothpaste!!!!! :mad::(
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