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  1. oscillate wildly

    I like you

    I do.
  2. oscillate wildly

    A new American hero

    R. Kelly has some competition!
  3. oscillate wildly

    internet fights

    start them here. don't forget to be mean!
  4. oscillate wildly

    happy birthday, hot dog daddy!

    happy birfday, bb. :cool: you are my bee eff eff.
  5. oscillate wildly

    happy birthday MindlessRuffian

    happy birfday!! :flowers::guitar: I hope it's a great one! (and your piece of Mozzy's shirt says happy birthday also.)
  6. oscillate wildly

    Health care (argue here)

    I don't know what to think about this. those lame commercials are pretty convincing. I'm pretty impressionable concerning this topic, plz persuade me either way. and this is in the Pigsty, so you can be mean.
  7. oscillate wildly

    I just lost the game

    I just lost the game. sorry.
  8. oscillate wildly

    the "i hate hipsters" thread.

  9. oscillate wildly

    regina spektor

    I dunno if there is a thread for her already but if not, there should be. :sweet: if you love her also but have not been paying attention lately, the new album is coming out June 23rd!! the new song Laughing With is on her myspace. and Blue Lips is now out and is awesomezz. discuss...
  10. oscillate wildly

    i hate

    a lot.
  11. oscillate wildly

    how old is too old? (pigsty edition)

    this topic is about whatever you want this topic to be about.
  12. oscillate wildly


    share your secrets.
  13. oscillate wildly

    a controversial question

    red or green apples?
  14. oscillate wildly

    Rufus Wainwright

    do you love Rufus? (or any of his family members?)
  15. oscillate wildly

    happy birthday, Internet.

    Today is officially the 39th birthday of the interwebz. :cool: cake, for you.
  16. oscillate wildly

    Morrissey bowling thread

    Do you think he's a skilled bowler? or maybe he still does "bumper bowling".
  17. oscillate wildly

    do you act differently on the internet than in actuality?

    besides trolls who obviously act differently (or possibly not, haha.) do you? as for myself, i am less shy but not as loud. edit: this excludes Britney and Paris of course, they're for reals.
  18. oscillate wildly

    Do you sing in the shower?

    and if so, what are your favorite songs to sing?
  19. oscillate wildly

    are you left handed?

    There has to be more of you here besides just myself to share in the left handedness. it's tough, y'know. ;] I enjoy it except for when I was in elementary school and they didn't have left handed scissors in art class. and when I had to sit next to someone who was right handed and our elbows...
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