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  1. Bluebirds

    The Guardian: Johnny Marr - "You ask the questions" (February 6, 2022)

    J'en ai marre? Johnny Marr: ‘When I play Smiths songs I experience this huge wave of elation’ Particularly liked Bernard Butler's question... Excerpt: Did the Smiths ever...
  2. Bluebirds

    "Boxers" video star speaks out - Cornelius Carr's tale of 'more publicity from starring in Morrissey video than winning British title' - Teesside Live Excerpt: A world champion boxer from Teesside says starring in one of Morrissey's music videos earned him "more publicity than winning the British title". Grangetowner John 'Cornelius' Carr featured in...
  3. Bluebirds

    Mensi of the Angelic Upstarts has passed away

    Sad news, expect a central eulogy soon Image posted by Famous when dead:
  4. Bluebirds

    Traffic live in Santa Monica 1972

    Posting this here for someone who used to frequent these messageboards PS It's well worth an hour of anyone's time.
  5. Bluebirds

    The real reason why Morrissey got pissed off with Bowie?

    Read all the theories but could it have been something as simple as this? RIP David can't believe it's 5 years ago
  6. Bluebirds

    Morrissey Graffiti - Bromley, South East London

    Saw this on a Facebook group called "It's Graffiti, but why?" Thought I'd share here. Comments below the photo are along the lines shame he turned into a racist f***wit etc. It appears somebody, somewhere a) still cares and b) thinks Spent The Day In Bed is worthy of writing on a railway bridge
  7. Bluebirds

    Meet Merck Mercuriadus, the man who has spent $1bn on old hits

    Seems like Morrissey's old manager has moved on to bigger and brighter and more profitable things Interesting read There is a bit in the piece which made me chuckle: He admits he's been "fired for telling the truth" in the past - although...
  8. Bluebirds

    Michael Imperioli (Christopher from The Sopranos) waxes lyrical about The Smiths Rubber Ring and Morrissey

    From The Quietus imperious Baker's Dozen regular column where various celebs and the like choose their 13 favourite/ important/ influential songs. (Some great choices btw) The Smiths –...
  9. Bluebirds

    Happy birthday Morrissey - Morrissey turns 61 - May 22, 2020

    The songs speak the truth. An endless source of fascination. You're special. We know you're here on lockdown, Thanks for enriching my life. Happy birthday.... Related item: Morrissey Central: "Gulp" - May 22, 2020
  10. Bluebirds

    I Won't Share You banner at Anfield today

    Nice flag at Anfield today for the football, catch it on Match of the Day 2 at 22.45.... picture of Jurgen Klopp with the words "With the drive and the dreams inside. This is my time." I wonder who could be responsible ;) but still very nice to see. And a nice change from the politics!
  11. Bluebirds

    Mark Hollis RIP

    A true original passed yesterday and those yearning for a Talk Talk reunion will be left yearning for time immemorial. Do yourself favour and listen to Spirit of Eden - one of the greatest albums ever recorded (and if you know about the recording process you'll understand why)...
  12. Bluebirds

    Santigold lists The Smiths in Favourite Albums

    More Santigold Morrissey love stuff here. I do like the Bakers Dozen pieces the Quietus does. Didn't realise she was mates with Ishmael from Digable Planets, one of the more underrated hip-hop acts imo My Pioneers: Santigold's Favourite Albums - The Quietus In this week's Baker's Dozen...
  13. Bluebirds

    Fat Bob's Meltdown

    An eclectic and diverse line-up of indie music (this is not meant as a compliment btw) I anticipate the Cure will be announcing a...
  14. Bluebirds

    No support at Palladium gig

    Just got an email indicating there will be no support at this gig. So for those of us hoping for some one-armed lesbian Brexit drag queen it looks like we'll have to wait till the UKIP leadership election
  15. Bluebirds

    Peter Wyngarde has died

    Believe Morrissey had a friendship (of sorts) with him which is touched upon in autobiography Actor Peter Wyngarde, star of Department S, dies aged 90 Peter Wyngarde, star of Jason King and Department S, dies aged 90 - The Guardian ‘Unique, original and creative’ actor who also appeared in...
  16. Bluebirds

    Live from New York… it's Saturday night! with David Bowie & Klaus Nomi (Slight Moz mention) MADELINE BOCARO December 9, 2017 LIVE FROM NEW YORK… IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT! WITH DAVID BOWIE & KLAUS NOMI By Madeline Bocaro (An excerpt from my story...
  17. Bluebirds

    The Quietus - Mr Agreeable reviews LIHS

    Quite amusing review. Listen, you f***ing nagging lump of pure, toxic f***, the reason so few f***ing people will hear your message isn’t because you're the voice of f***ing truth in the f***ing wilderness – it’s because you've decided to f***ing swallow Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins whole...
  18. Bluebirds

    What does everyone think of the new songs?

    I still haven't listened to the performance. Work and age gets in the way. Would like to know what you think of the songs, albeit in a live setting?
  19. Bluebirds

    6 Music appearance has an interview

    Stream starts 11.30am and then the interview and set at midday. Let's hope he doesn't say anything too offensive to the middle-aged, middle-class 6 Music listeners. Like me.:)
  20. Bluebirds

    When did charming become cranky? Why a middle-aged Morrissey is so hard to love - The Guardian

    Another Guardian clickbait article about Morrissey's middle-aged madness. Yawn. Full of the usual types bemoaning the fact a man in his late 50s tends not to be the same as one in his 20s. When did charming become cranky? Why a middle-aged Morrissey is so hard to love - The Guardian by Dorian...
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