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    Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr feels 'let off the leash' to write what songs he likes - Sky News (April 24, 2022)

    Meanwhile in other news:
  2. ACTON

    BMG signing other bands

    I see that BMG has just signed Johnny Marr. Not long after signing Suede. Gary Numan is also with them. Some of my fav artists all on the same label.
  3. ACTON

    The gentle truth of the camera eye

    I couldn't find an existing thread. I was wondering does anyone know where/when this photo was taken? Moz looks fantastic in it, like a matinee idol. I would guess around Your Arsenal US tour?
  4. ACTON

    Bad Sex in a lost list

    Moz's List Of The Lost Plot gets a mention in a news article today on Sky News:
  5. ACTON

    Nick Cave 2021 tour cancelled

    Sickened to be told today that Nick Cave's 2021 Ghosteen UK/European tour has just been cancelled. Already rescheduled from spring 2020, I was all set to see him in Dublin. Not entirely surprised cos I don't live under a rock, but still disgusted. Is 2021 setting itself up for another live music...
  6. ACTON

    New Order are still Legend

    I was at the New Order concert in Dublin last night, 2nd row standing. One of the best concerts of my life. I'd urge anyone who hasn't seen them live to see them in concert. Well worth the effort! They did loads of Joy Division songs too.
  7. ACTON

    Andy Anderson R.I.P.

    Andy Anderson, former drummer with The Cure, has died. Rest in peace.
  8. ACTON

    Johnny Marr honoured in Kildare (Nov. 2, 2018)

    Johnny Marr was honoured in his parents home town of Athy, County Kildare, Ireland today (Nov. 2, 2018). I just saw it on the Irish RTE news and am gutted that I didn't know in advance. WATCH: Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr says he never forgot his Athy roots as he is honoured in the Kildare town...
  9. ACTON

    Morrissey album Poetry Hour on Amazon (bootleg)

    Amazon UK is now advertising a new Moz album entitled 'Poetry Hour' which might be a live CD taken from the Your Arsenal tour. I don't know if its official or what. Release date Dec 7th. Edited to fix the link below:
  10. ACTON

    Cure interview in Irish Times mentions Moz

    A new interview with Robert Smith from The Cure very briefly mentions Morrissey: Smith also had a long-running feud with Morrissey (“I never really understood it”), in which he has proven to be on the right side of history. Full interview is here...
  11. ACTON

    Good record shops in Manchester

    Hi. Does anyone know of some good record shops in Manchester city? My good friend is going there. He's into same kind of music as me: Moz, The Smiths, Suede, The Cure, The Jam, etc. Just looking for top tips from vinyl buyers. If the shops also sell Moz/Smiths t-shirts then even better! Thanks!
  12. ACTON

    Munich Air Disaster - 60 years ago today

    Today marks the 60 year anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster. Sky News has a story about two survivors who never played again:
  13. ACTON

    Dolores O'Riordan RIP

    As we know, Dolores O'Riordan (singer with The Cranberries) died Sunday night/Monday morning. Andy Rourke is mentioned in a recent story on Sky News:
  14. ACTON

    How does BMG make money from Moz?

    I was wondering how does BMG make money from Low In High School? Do they get a % of each CD sold, do they get any money from the tour, etc. Basically I was wondering how Moz is so rich if his albums don't exactly earn millions. I know Moz has been a millionaire since his early solo years and...
  15. ACTON

    Is Jackie about Brexit, Britain, or not?

    Morrissey has denied that 'Jacky's only happy when she's up on the stage' has anything to do with Brexit. Fair enough. But as I was listening to it again last night I started to wonder if it's about Britain, or Brexit, or both. The line: 'Jackie cracks when she's not on stage' reminded me of...
  16. ACTON

    Johnny Marr's wedding

    I was rereading Johnny Marr's autobiography and when he mentioned that the guy who took the official wedding photos in 1985 didn't give him the photos. Anyway, I found this image on Google. You've probably seen it before but I hadn't. Moz looks great as usual.
  17. ACTON

    Sky News report on Moz 'snub' of Manchester

    Sky has a news story about Moz not playing his hometown....
  18. ACTON

    Nik Kershaw

    Going to see Nik Kershaw in concert next week. The first cassette I ever bought was Human Racing and I still have it after all this time.
  19. ACTON

    Munich Air Disaster - Spoken words

    Did anyone else notice the spoken words at the very end of Munich Air Disaster? Very faintly you can hear a man saying "Thats not funny". I never noticed it on the CD in my car but heard it on my phone. Played it today in car and turned the volume way up at the end and was able to hear it. Funny...
  20. ACTON

    Manchester Atrocity

    May 22nd started off being a happy day as we celebrated Morrissey's birthday. It ended in absolute tragedy with a terrorist attack on Manchester Arena leaving 22 dead, including children. Too sickened for words. Johnny Marr and...
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