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  1. Danielledelu

    Will Never Marry reference

    I don't know if it matters or not, but I was noticing today that A Shangri-Las song "Never Again" was 2:22 time wise, just like "Will Never Marry" It would be cool if Morrissey did that intentionally. :)
  2. Danielledelu

    Morrissey Frink Request

    Hi everybody, I might should have posted this in the frink thread but I wanted everyone to see it. I am desperately searching for a great image for a tattoo I'm planning. Does anyone have an image from " Everyday is Like Sunday" when Morrissey has his hand over his face when the telescope...
  3. Danielledelu

    Jacksonville show tonight 17th

    I have an extra ticket..if anyone is intrested in having it, for tonight at 8pm in Jacksonville, just message me or something. The ticket is genral admission
  4. Danielledelu

    Getting to know each other

    This is a good " get to know your fellow fans" Thread. Mainly all I know about most of you, is that you love Morrissey, out of curiosity i'd like to know more.. so i'll ask a question the next person answers then asks a question of their own.. lets start off with a simple one.. Do you have...
  5. Danielledelu

    Would you rather...

    Just a little game.. I start off by asking a would you rather question then the next person answers the would you rather question, then asks one of their own. Would you rather... Have a voodoo doll of Saddam Hussein or Be able to make your eyes glow red for a few seconds.
  6. Danielledelu


    I doubt this will matter to many people, but I just found out one of my favourite bands did a cover of the Smiths, I cannot wait to download this. At The Drive In- This Night has Opened my Eyes [Originally by The Smiths] in a river, the color of red emerged the baby's head wrap her...
  7. Danielledelu

    Music Video short questionarre

    This is a Questionarre on Morrissey, Smiths Music Videos, short, mind you.. so answer as you feel fits. 1.) Sexiest Video- 2.) Saddest Video- 3.) Video you overwatch- 4.) video you underwatch 5.)All-time Faves ( only name 3 or less) 6.)Favourite Live song- My answers: 1.)...
  8. Danielledelu


    Well The originol post was dead so I thought I would put something else here, I decided to go to Morrisseys Myspace page, see if I could find anything interesting and I found this comment; I'm tired of the snotty elitism coming from certain areas of your fanbase. Yes, okay, I haven't been to...
  9. Danielledelu

    The Voice of The People

    Recently I introduced my friend to Morrissey and upon first hearing him I asked " How do you like him" and he said " His music is not really my type, but I love it and respect him for his voice, because it flows just like another instrument, it's beautiful" I thought that was wonderful.. and...
  10. Danielledelu

    Best Album?

    What would you say is the best Morrissey album and why? I would say Viva Hate.. because although I love every album.. Viva Hate was the first of his Solo career and I thought it was wonderful and it really struck home. I loved it and I can't go a day without listening to it on the record player.
  11. Danielledelu

    Name three

    If you were trying to turn someone on to Morrissey/Smiths What three songs would you play for them?
  12. Danielledelu

    Apology accepted?

    Well I just wanted to apologize about my post yesterday, about The US concerts being better and whatever else.. I was seriously not trying to down the UK, I love the UK and wish I lived there... I just really hate being called a " fat yank" 'cause i'm seriously not.. it's upsetting because...
  13. Danielledelu

    Saddest song?

    What do you think are some of the saddest Morrissey/Smiths songs? The ones that make you sad.
  14. Danielledelu

    UK<USA ( concert wise)

    Well today I read that someone said " why would Morrissey want to give a concert to those fat yanks anyways" I've been hot headed ever since.. PLEASE tell me if you agree with me that not every one in America is a yankee OR FAT!! I mean come on.. and sorry to tell you.. BUT Morrissey himself...
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