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  1. Thewlis

    'Moz and I' Spanish Morrissey-documentary on Netflix now

    New on Netflix this week is this Spanish documentary from 2019, that follows Luis Le Nuit, a DJ and diehard Morrissey fan, exploring his personal evolution and the indie music scene in Barcelona. Featuring Manuel Ríos of fanzine Morrissey, Drive Me Home and Mikel Erentxun who famously covered...
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    I Am Not A Dog on A Chain enters UK album charts at number 3 His 15th Top 10 hit, his 7th top-3 hit! Viva Hate: 1 Bona Drag: 9 Kill Uncle: 8 Your Arsenal: 4 Vauxhall and I: 1 Southpaw Grammar: 4 Maladjusted: 8 You Are the Quarry: 2 Ringleader of...
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    Morrissey at 2 in midweek UK album charts

    1 The Weeknd - After Hours (11.5k) * 2 Morrissey - I Am Not a Dog On a Chain (5.8k) * 3 Lewis Capaldi - Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent (4.1k) 4 David Bowie - Is It Any Wonder? (3.4k) * 5 The Slow Readers Club - The Joy of the Return (3.2k) * Looks like another top-3 finish is possible...
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    Morrissey Central "iTunes Today (Friday)" (March 21, 2020)
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    Poll: Best Morrissey 2020 song

    So after 3 singles, which one do you like most?
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    Years of Refusal released 11 years ago today

    I think my least favourite Morrissey album. I never clicked with songs like Black Cloud, Birthday, Sorry or OK. The singles were pretty good, but two of them were already a year old when the album was released. Your thoughts.
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    Bobby or Way Out

    Which is your favourite?
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    Linder on Morrissey in Guardian (18/01/2020)

    A very nice interview with Linder Sterling in today’s The Guardian: How the artist Linder went from Orgasm Addict to Chatsworth House - Observer Design Excerpt: She also became known as Morrissey’s muse and went on to photograph him extensively in the early 90s as he toured the US. “We shared...
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    Best Morrissey-single of the past 5 years

    Now that Bobby is out, what has been your favourite recent Moz-single?
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    Southpaw Grammar back on Spotify

    for the first time, in its original form.
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    Bernard Sumner (New Order) on Morrissey Excerpt: Did Johnny broach the subject of his former bandmate, Morrissey, and his increasingly questionable endorsements of a far-right fringe party called For Britain...
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    "Brow of my Beloved" added on Spotify and other services as a digital single (July 12, 2019)

    As of today: Lovely song! Related item: "Wedding Bell Blues" - vinyl 45 released today (10 May, 2019)
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    Melanie on Morrissey’s cover

    Very nice tweet from the legendary singer. @officialmoz is an artist unlike any other. His voice is something from another age. So honored he performed my song Some Say (I Got Devil) on his new album. I love it and the album is quite special. You should all go listen to the whole thing...
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    Morrissey Central: Blue Rondo A La Turk

    BLUE RONDO A LA TURK - Morrissey Central July 8, 2019 "I liked them because they seemed two jumps ahead of everyone else. The mere sight of them suggested big league, but they didn't quite get that far. They were one of the very few groups that the Smiths supported, but there was a scepticism...
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    The Killers’ Brandon Flowers on Morrissey: “He’s still a king” - NME

    Amen. The Killers’ Brandon Flowers on Morrissey: “He’s still a king” - NME Excerpt: Brandon Flowers of The Killers has revealed a few of his favourite artists, or “kings” as likes to refer to them. “Brandon has many kings,” Killers drummer, Ronnie Vannucci told NME right before their...
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    Paul Banks (Interpol) on touring with Morrissey; clarification on Hot Press quote

    Related item: Interpol's Paul Banks: brief interview (Morrissey mentioned) - Hot Press - June 24, 2019
  17. Thewlis

    Manchester MP Afzal Khan on Morrissey: "If this is how he feels he shouldnt be welcome here"

    Labour MP for Manchester Gorton: ‘For someone so intrinsically linked to Manchester's cultural history, Morrissey has shown just how out of touch he is with our city - we rejected the far right and we celebrate diversity. If this is how he feels he shouldnt be welcome here’ Intolerance in its...
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    Relive Bowie covering Morrissey

    Nice if slightly inaccurate bit of history:
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    Anne Marie Waters: Morrissey supports For Britain

    and this is why he is in trouble now, she says: And yes, the only reasons why he supports them is because of halal slaughter and Brexit. Related item: For Britain's Anne Marie Waters thanks Morrissey in video message - May 20, 2019
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