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    Morrissey Central "UK SELL-OUTS" (June 25, 2022)

    Las Vegas shows will probably have the same line- up as Goodbye Cruel World festival. But it would be nice to see Boz join the UK tour, which does not require him to travel.
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    The Smiths A-Z: "Shakespeare's Sister"

    I never imagined Morrissey’s band to deliver a better version of a Smiths song than the Smiths did themselves, and I am proven wrong. The song definitely sounded better at the Glasto edition of 2004. But the icing on the cake was Morrissey’s jacket + red shirt. This was easily their worst...
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    Morrissey Central "MANCHESTER, TODAY" (June 21, 2022)

    I believe the pandemic shutting down the live music scene for nearly 2 years has something to do with it. For a lot of people that saw Morrissey in Leeds, this was probably their last gig in a long while. And he played new songs from Dog, an album that never got a proper tour. Can’t speak for...
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    Morrissey Central "Presale UK Tickets." (June 20, 2022)

    A lot of useless information. But what is the advantage of pre-sale over the regular sale? I have no experience with it but I doubt it offers better prices. And priority seats will only work for seated venues like Palladium.
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    Morrissey Central "THE LONDON PALLADIUM" & "Tour Dates" (June 14, 2022)

    I was considering to see him at the Coliseum, Palladium looks like a great alternative. He played there in 2018, and although I did not attend, I remember reading great reviews about that particular gig and venue. His mother attended the show that night.
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    Alain Whyte with Joe Chiccarelli at Sunset Sound Studio

    I like that idea. Or alternatively a bonus ep for the deluxe edition of bonfire.
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    The Smiths A-Z: "Rubber Ring"

    Honestly, I think this sentence should be engraved on his tombstone. Le too.
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    The Smiths A-Z: "Rubber Ring"

    After all the years, hearing Morrissey’s singing voice still makes me smile or cry (dépend ing on which song). I won’t forget these songs because they made my life so much better.
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    The Smiths A-Z: "Reel Around the Fountain"

    I interpret the song lyrics as being about the loss of innocence when a child or young adolescent wakes up to his sexual désires / arousals. The title adds another layer, and I wonder if the tabloids were aware of that aspect. That blog is an interesting read, it does a really good job at...
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    Daily Mail article about Morrissey out grocery shopping in LA (7 June 2022)

    A close contact, based on the fact that they were sitting next to each other in the car. OK, it helps that Moz has opened his window.
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    Daily Mail article about Morrissey out grocery shopping in LA (7 June 2022)

    It’s particularly sad that nobody apparently cares to refer to him by his given name in addition to his ‘rôle’ in Morrissey’s life. They could at least refer to him as Damon, Morrissey’s PA. I mean, nobody refers to Boz, Alain or Jesse as just Morrissey’s guitarist without mentioning their...
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    The Smiths A-Z: "Reel Around the Fountain"

    It’s a seductive and sweet tune that draws you into a dark and creepy universe. It certainly set Morrissey apart as as an unusual lyricist attracted to inconvenient subject matters and an unusual way of expressing them. It still feels like the perfect opener for their début album.
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    New Morrissey song, 'I am Veronica'

    Trisexual would make sense today because we got the M/F/X labels. BTW, I quite liked the word ‘humasexual’, it was a clever way of getting around the usual labels.
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    New Morrissey song, 'I am Veronica'

    Easily one of his worst songs for me, I find the lyrics borderline offensive And the music too baroque.
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    The Smiths A-Z: "The Queen Is Dead"

    Hard to imagine Great Britain without a monarchy, but who knows?
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    Tuna on Toast with Stryker Podcast: Josh Klinghoffer - Morrissey mentions (May 31, 2022)

    The previous CDs featured many guest musicians playing various instruments. Perhaps it is a good thing to return to a more basic line-up: his best solo albums of the 90s were also recorded with just 4 musicians. Should we expect a return to a rock sound then?
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    The Smiths A-Z: "The Queen Is Dead"

    So nice to see this song turn up on the queen’s platinum jubilee. poor Charles, still not appearing as king on the front of the Daily Mail.
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    The Smiths A-Z: "Pretty Girls Make Graves"

    Thanks for sharing, title makes more sense to me now.
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    The Smiths A-Z: "Pretty Girls Make Graves"

    I agree with the last sentence. The song was written at a time when Morrissey often talked about celibacy and when he was single and abstaining from any form of sex life.
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    Morrissey Central "Texas massacre" (May 27, 2022)

    I mean that an overwhelming majority of people grow up to rate human life higher than animal life, even those that care about animal welfare. There’s nothing wrong with thinking otherwise, but the way he expressed his thoughts wasn’t good.
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