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    Little Man, What Now?

    So is this where the song title comes from, then?
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    Mr T Experience Cover what Difference Does It Make

    I will always kind of liked this Mr T Experience cover of What Difference Does It Make, from their excellent 1992 album Milk Milk Lemonade. Some people here...may not agree with my assessment. Shrug. :rock: And here's a live version I had never seen before ten minutes ago, just to further...
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    Pretty Girls Make Graves question(s)

    After a mere 35 years of listening to the song, two random questions occur to me (again) as I listen to it right now: 1) Right after Moz sings "And sorrow's native son/he will not rise for anyone," and right before he sings "I could have been wild..." etc, a woman says something. What does she...
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    Pink's lyrics discussed

    One for fans of Pink.
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    No fight club

    Hate emasculated Antipodean male psychologists? Who doesn't, right? This one's for you! :crazy::poop:
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    Morrissey And The Beats

    Seen Morrissey mention the Beat Poets (Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac) and Neal Cassady (the protagonist from On The Road) in a couple of songs. Anybody any idea about his thoughts on that literary movement? He ever talked about them in any interview?
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    Carter doing The Smiths

    Forgot about this one.
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    Unlaid lunatics that shoot people

    One possible solution, after the Plymouth tragedy yesterday; deprive these scum of the oxygen of publicity. If their corpses were fed to dogs on telly, and then shit all over the streets of their home town by the canines, they might be so trigger-happy. Not good optics for disassociated...
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    Have to admit, I do love

    the hilarious c***s in the media (often Guardian fartslappers) 'renouncing' their youthful Morrissey/Smiths fixation and fetishisation, as if they did something wrong in listening to him, because of his current views and jabberjawing. I confess, I don't know all that much about his modern...
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    For any fans of Chuck Palahniuk...

    ...or maybe not. If you want to see him getting the piss ripped out of on! :)
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    Old live Moz review of mine

    No longer married, thankfully. :)
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    For anybody interested in Scottish literature

    you can encounter one of the country's lesser-known literary eccentrics in this piece I just put up on my blog.
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    What Difference Does It Make?

    I remember in 1995, sloshing and sploshing around in some body of water drunk at the Heineken Music Festival in Leeds, somebody played that classic on a ghetto blaster. And It was the first time I recognised how much like the bagpipes the start is. No idea how I missed it before, given the...
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    Sparks Doing their (real) song Lighten Up Morrissey

    Couldn't see this posted here; please forgive me if it has been. From 2008. We now know why Sparks are annoyed at Moz; he stopped one of them getting laid. The song itself is actually pretty funny, and not particularly insulting. She won't go out with me, no, she won't go out 'Cause my...
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    Morrissey wants you to have a portrait of the queen
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    Lyrical musing

    Just reading some Sparks lyrics, after seeing Moon Over Kentucky here. Excellent lyrics. Saw one in the song Angus Desire: "Why don't you stay with your own kind." Just wondered, if, well, you know. Might well be wrong.
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    'New' George A Romero film review

    I reviewed the new George A Romero 'lost' film, which has just been released on streaming in the USA. Wasn't even going to write about it, but it blindsided me.
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    Don't Plagiarise Or Take On Loan

    I am rereading Saint Morrissey by Mark Simpson. In the book he points out a few instances of where Morrissey has lifted or slightly rearranged lines from other musicians, writers, films, whatever medium. I was just wondering if anybody online had ever done some sort of comprehensive examination...
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    Morrissey, closet Royalist

    Funny how Morrissey grew up on the Queen's Square and King's Road in Manchester, as shown in this wee film. Ironic for somebody of his republican temperament. :)
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    Morrissey/Smiths short story

    Hiya. I run an infrequently-updated blog. I have just republished an old short story of mine, Back To The Old House, based on Moz/The Smiths, which was first published in 2009 in the Smiths short story anthology Paint A Vulgar Picture. It's written in the Scots vernacular. If you read it, I hope...
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