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  1. Pokey

    Morrissey Central "RW." (April 5, 2020)

    "Ok James, see you later!" Skinny and co. need to follow James' example and leave when its no longer for you. Be more like James.
  2. Pokey

    IANADOAC 2nd week UK charts

    Take your own advice, put Morrissey on ignore and move on.
  3. Pokey

    IANADOAC 2nd week UK charts

    You for continuing to hang around a website of an artist you think sucks. Also it was you that responded to me first so 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Pokey

    IANADOAC 2nd week UK charts

    You’re the one trying to use it as a measuring stick of some kind, I’m trying to tell you there’s other ways to look at that measuring stick - that it’s really not that bad. Either way, same advice as Skinny gets - you’re unwell and should move on with your life, obsessing this much over...
  5. Pokey

    IANADOAC 2nd week UK charts

    Thats his own business/burden I guess.
  6. Pokey

    IANADOAC 2nd week UK charts

    Judging by your username I don’t understand why you would care or bother to keep track of such things. Those things matter to certain people in certain positions - but to the majority here? Doesn’t seem like it should. 10k albums worldwide is far from his glory days but is better than anyone...
  7. Pokey

    IANADOAC 2nd week UK charts

    I don’t know what the hell the big issue is here. Morrissey has never been this huge selling/charting artist. He has brief periods of cameos at the top and then falls away, the same as many other artists. His enduring legacy musically is not his sales and how well he charts (even if he dwells on...
  8. Pokey

    IANADOAC 2nd week UK charts

    Please move on, you're sick and need help. This is not healthy behaviour. Imagine telling your therapist what you do all day, do you think they'd encourage it?
  9. Pokey

    IANADOAC 2nd week UK charts

    Move on, find something else to do with your life. Honestly, what is the point of staying here when you celebrate this? I mean it's not surprising in the least, but christ dude, move on.
  10. Pokey

    Which is worse? Morrissey supporting For Britain, or...

    lol "on block" doesn't want to hear people calling him out on his BS but will sit glued to every single thing Morrissey ever says or does rather than doing the equivalent of blocking - just walking away and leaving. You're really disturbed.
  11. Pokey

    IANADOAC debuts in Billboard album sales charts (US) - #19 in Top Album Sales

    God you are so sad and pathetic. Move on with your life this is not healthy behaviour.
  12. Pokey

    Rank Morrissey's 21st century LPs

    World Peace (with bonus tracks) Quarry Dog Refusal California Ringleader High School
  13. Pokey

    Best Lines From The New LP?

    People seem to have covered some of my favourites here but they are: “Loving you is a trauma no one else should face or sit still for” - that's just classic Morrissey "They vote the way they vote They don't know how to change Because their parents did the same" "They look at television...
  14. Pokey

    What does Morrissey do?

    I'm waiting for him to turn up as a random team mate in PUBG or Call of Duty Warzone. Boy is a gamer
  15. Pokey

    Morrissey Central "OFFICIAL UK CHART" (March 23, 2020)

    You hiss and groan and you constantly moan but you don't ever go away
  16. Pokey

    13 Morrissey studio albums ranking

    God this is tough and it always fluctuates to some degree. I usually don't like trying to rank an artist's new album until its about a year old to see what sort of staying power the songs have with me, but I'll give it a go. Viva Hate Vauxhall and I World Peace is None of your Business You are...
  17. Pokey

    Tobias on IANADOAC

    I think Jesse has generally gotten better as each album comes along. He is certainly writing more interesting songs than back in 2006 or so. Still wouldn't exactly call him amazing or anything. But I think on the whole his songs on 'Dog' have been my favourite and he's probably my favourite of...
  18. Pokey

    Albumism review by Libby Cudmore: IANADOAC 0/5

    This is the funny thing with so many of these "reviews" and opinion pieces - I'd almost guarantee that they dont actually research what he has *actually* said - they just look at other "reviews" and opinion pieces within their own bubble and its a game of telephone. You might disagree with all...
  19. Pokey

    IANADOAC - lyrics discussion thread (now with added lyrics!)

    I couldn't tell you where, but I thought I remembered seeing somewhere that Morrissey once admitted that Maudlin Street wasn't actually autobiographical. Either way, if it is, its not surprising I guess. Especially all these years on ... young people often have less confidence in their looks...
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