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    Has anyone been harrassed for wearing a Morrissey T-shirt in public?

    Around Vancouver I have never once been complimented or anything for wearing a Moz shirt. In 2014 I took my ex-bf to Disneyland and the Moz concert in LA. Walking around Disneyland I was constantly being told "great shirt!" Even back a few months ago when Moz finally played Vancouver, didnt...
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    Morrissey was right by Lushington D. Brady - The BFD

    What is a 'wet' market? It is a market where you can buy perishable items (as opposed to a 'dry' market where you buy non-perishable items). Oh dear God, what a crime. Sorry, but if the power goes out you will all be shopping at wet markets. Wal-Mart = money to Americans for crappy meat...
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    Morrissey was right by Lushington D. Brady - The BFD

    I'd rather shop at a wet market than a Wal-Mart.
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    What album are you listening to right now?

    For the past 3ish months.
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    13 Morrissey studio albums ranking

    Vauxhall and I Your Arsenal Southpaw Grammar Maladjusted California Son I Am Not a Dog on a Chain Low in High School You Are the Quarry Viva Hate Ringleader of the Tormentors Kill Uncle Years of Refusal World Peace is None of Your Business
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    Rank the tracks on IANADOAC

    I Am Not a Dog on a Chain What Kind of People Live in These Houses? Darling, I Hug a Pillow Once I Saw the River Clean Love is On its Way Out Bobby, Don't You Think They Know? Jim Jim Falls The Truth About Ruth Knockabout World The Secret of Music
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    IANADOAC - lyrics discussion thread (now with added lyrics!)

    In a general sense, I get the feeling that the "not so good" lyrics such as "elephants and lions" are being used like a MacGuffin to distract the people who don't think too much about lyrics. When it comes to pop music I usually categorize songs into "Hank Williams" style vs "Bob Dylan"...
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    IANADOAC - lyrics discussion thread (now with added lyrics!)

    St. Alphonzo is the Patron Saint of Smelt Fisherman (of Portuguese extraction). I suggest you do NOT eat the pancakes that he makes, despite being the finest in the town. I LOVE Zappa. Father O'Blivion is part of the Yellow Snow suite and must be listened to as such. For any Zappa fans out...
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    Just for fun

    I love them both; they both deserve mononomenclature! I see Morrissey mostly as a comedian (misunderstood ..... I LOVE the Brown Album cover) and through his humour reveals aspects of the human condition, thus making art. I see Madonna as a bad artist, but an artist nonetheless. She tries...
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    Who would you like to see Morrissey duet with?

    1. Madonna (dont care what you say, it would be great!) 2. Me (would be terrible cos I cant sing) 3. the Hobo from Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (would suck cos Tom Waits already did that, but would still be funny) 4. Himself on a Smiths song (this forum would light up with hate) 5...
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    Assuming The Smiths/Morrissey are Your Favorite Artist...

    Frank Zappa is #1 for music Morrissey #1 for lyrics with Leonard Cohen close behind. (Cohen is a better writer with more meaningful words, but Morrissey is a better songwriter. No one can compare with Zappa, it is far beyond anything anyone has done. Even lyrically he is amazing. Even his...
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    Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre (Oct. 15, 2019) post-show

    Cheers! Glad everyone had a great time!
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    Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre (Oct. 15, 2019) post-show

    Lol ur right it was intelligent, not intellect. Regardless, he was talking about the media. He didnt mean you the concert goer arent asking for interviews. (Notice my grammar - im not claiming to be a genius)
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    Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre (Oct. 15, 2019) post-show

    I can guarantee you that he was mocking the kind of people who wouldn't know if he was or not. He used the word 'intellect' fairly precisely.
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    Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre (Oct. 15, 2019) post-show

    SOOO GOOD! Im at the Morrissey pub, come join! He touched me twice!!! Took a poem i wrote for him! Sadly he didnt sign my EILS 7" sleeve Was awesome! Hope he comes back!
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    What songs should Morrissey cover next?

    Tower of Song - Cohen Is it My Body - Alice Cooper Hope There's Someone - Antony and the Johnsons Venus as a Boy - Björk Gobbeldigook - Sigur Ros (lol)
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    Favourite track from 'California Son'?

    Suffer the Little Children Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets Wedding Bell Blues When You Close Your Eyes Morning Starship Don't Interrupt the Sorrow Lady Willpower It's Over Days of Decision Some Say I Got Devil Only a Pawn in Their Game Lenny's Tune (not bad, but Nico's version has...
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    "Morrissey Sings The Smiths"

    That was kind of the question of the thread. Personally, I consider Morrissey a singer; I want to hear him sing. I don't expect him to make mindblowing decade-defining music. I listen to Morrissey because I love music and how it makes me feel; his voice lifts the soul. In other words, I...
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