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  1. Oh my

    Poll IANADOAC is his best album since...?

    That's what I voted too... Though it does not mean that I dislike the albums between Your Arsenal and the last one... and probably my love for Your Arsenal is strange (i.e, the first time I saw Morrissey live, he was presenting Your Arsenal in London). The last album is... WOW!!!! (I think I...
  2. Oh my

    Nicotine and Nickelback

    It's some sort of honeymoon with my GF, though a honeymoon in the middle of the apocalypse, so it's a bit weird. Also, I had the BRILLIANT idea of sending our table to a shop 2 hours before the quarantine was declared... I wanted it 1 millimeter shorter (yes, it's not a joke). So a honeymoon in...
  3. Oh my

    Morrissey is Musical Trump

    Who cares about AIDS these days? Corona is the name of our latest flame!
  4. Oh my

    Morrissey is Musical Trump

    I am spending the quarantine with Morrissey, that's a fact too. He's preparing a tequila on the rocks for me as my girlfriend makes me a sandwich... THAT is a fact. Since he is here, I can tell you that he does not look like the dumb Trump at all.
  5. Oh my

    Morrissey is Musical Trump

    Pretending that you had Covid was 7.3% more interesting than this thread.
  6. Oh my

    Morrissey Central "NUMBER 1 IN POLAND" (March 23, 2020)

    What if Burkina Faso actually comes next? Wouldn't such thing be an achievement? Anyway, I doubt it... I've just checked the charts of Burkina Faso and it seems that the current trend is classic rock (strangefully the chart has an Album by the Police as #1 and Pink Floyd's The Wall comes...
  7. Oh my

    Morrissey Central "NUMBER 1 IN POLAND" (March 23, 2020)

    Cool... Most parts of me are made in Poland, so I can get why I like Morrissey... Iy must be a Pole thing. Nice, I don't regret being mostly Pole, nor I regret liking Morrissey!
  8. Oh my

    One single, two sides, for life - which two songs do you pick?

    When a ram decides something... It's good to wait 5 minutes until the ram decides something different :ROFLMAO:
  9. Oh my

    One single, two sides, for life - which two songs do you pick?

    Every day takes me back to the early era and the days in which I was a teen. I know it's gonna happen... Is simply the song I like the most. Probably it's more an emotional choice than a statement about which ones are his two best songs.
  10. Oh my

    One single, two sides, for life - which two songs do you pick?

    Every day is like Sunday + I know it's gonna happen... Easy.
  11. Oh my review by Barry Egan - IANADOAC

    I'm not a dog on, etc... My review: the album is fantastic!!!! Probably the best one by Morrissey since Your Arsenal... which doesn't mean that the ones in the middle are bad, but this one is.... WOW!!!!). So my official review is WOW. Yes, that's an intellectual statement: WOW.
  12. Oh my

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I am often thinking about the future these days... and the paradox of being happy at home with my girlfriend, but when we remember that this virus is out there, it's a bit dystopian... or a horrible sci fi movie. I hope there will be a vaccine soon... this is truly the strangest thing I have...
  13. Oh my

    ‘The Secret of Music’ is the worst Morrissey song I’ve ever heard

    There's no such thing as a bad Morrissey song, except that thing he recorded with the singer of Green day.... All the other ones: marvelous.
  14. Oh my

    "Smiling Morrissey enjoys leisurely shopping trip to Manchester" (12 photos) - Manchester Evening News

    I don't get the whole discussion about Morrissey looking "fat" in this photo.... He does not look fat, nor he looks unhealthy or in bad shape. I suspect he stole that jacked from a very fat and very tall man. It looks as something designed for someone with some 20 more kilos than him and maybe...
  15. Oh my

    "Why Morrissey’s downfall echoes the messy demise of The Smiths" by Ed Power - The Independent

    After the death of Genesis P-Orridge, Morrissey is probably the last of the living singers I really care about. I don't see a downfall, the media is simply selling shit... Neither I think Morrissey is racist, though I don't think he is a political mastermind either (which is OK, most people...
  16. Oh my

    Book of Condolence Thread

    My favourite artist probable, it has always been Morrissey and him. I will really miss Gen. I've had the luck f meeting him twice and also, receiving help from him for a project (several years ago). I'm out of this forum, simply because of Urbanus (dickelss asshole) and the arrogant idiocy of...
  17. Oh my

    Rifke interviews

    I am not going to get anything here. I am out. I am not making a point. It's not a strategy to achieve something... I am done with the bullshit of this forum.
  18. Oh my

    Rifke interviews

    No... I simply don't want to post anything personal because there is no respect here. So I don't enjoy it.
  19. Oh my

    Rifke interviews

    No, I am not making a stand. I simply don't want to post when I know that Urbanus has a free pass to harass me. It's not some sort of protest, I am done with the idiots who moderate here and I don't enjoy these ways.
  20. Oh my

    Rifke interviews

    I won't post something like that when the moderators are obviously ok with Urbanus, the rapist, stalking people. Also, fuck the moderators.
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