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  1. Jeffrey7777

    Official YouTube "Love Is On Its Way Out" & instant grat MP3 released (January 31, 2020)

    I love the song for what it is.....A NEW MORRISSEY VOCAL!!!! :rock:
  2. Jeffrey7777

    Camden, NJ - BB&T Pavilion (Sep. 9, 2019) post-show

    Show was fantastic :bow:, and while I didn't get the full version of "Come Back To Camden" his acapella break during "Speedway" was pleasing. :tiphat:
  3. Jeffrey7777

    Low US ticket sales/ 'disaster' - Consequence of Sound / The Fader

    Cannot wait for the Camden, NJ show! It's long odds, but I'm wishin' and hopin' "Come Back To Camden" will be played.
  4. Jeffrey7777

    Bigmouth strikes again: Morrissey’s racist rhetoric inspires boycott - Baltimore Sun

    This wouldn't stop me from going, feel sorry for those that it does.
  5. Jeffrey7777

    Morrissey Central: montages (26 August, 2019)

    Love these! They're funny, entertaining and promotional.
  6. Jeffrey7777

    Morrissey Central: Lady Willpower / Rainbow Valley - delayed (22 August, 2019)

    Even if you are not born with talent, this is missing basic artistic rules that are taught in school. Lord help me, where is the creativity? Anyone could make a better design with a crayon and paper. I feel for Mr. M, but I have and will support the 45 releases.
  7. Jeffrey7777

    Morrissey with Thelma Houston: singing on next album "early 2020" (pictured 12 August, 2019)

    Whether singing rhythm and blues, soul music, disco, or gospel this lady can sing! Bring on 2020 I'm ready.
  8. Jeffrey7777

    Why It's Time To Ditch Your Morrissey-Loving Friend - The Quietus

    If I dropped every friend that had different opinions and views with myself... I'd be alone. Differences are part of a friendship. Nice way to spread respect, understanding, compassion, and unity...drop your friend!!! This man's ridiculous.
  9. Jeffrey7777

    Interpol's Paul Banks: brief interview (Morrissey mentioned) - Hot Press

    "Run, run young man through the glen" Will be a great show for the band!
  10. Jeffrey7777

    "As a black teenager, I loved Morrissey. But heaven knows..." - Guardian article by Joshua Surtees

    He holds a lot of pent up anger. Find someone else to love. It's as easy as that.
  11. Jeffrey7777

    Merck Mercuriadis Interview: Morrissey "incorruptible" - hypebot

    I'll take it as "Incorruptibility". I must have a relic when Morrissey leaves this Earth, prepare now friends. That is if I'm still here ;)
  12. Jeffrey7777

    "Bigmouth strikes again and again: why Morrissey fans feel so betrayed" by Tim Jonze - The Guardian

    ‘It’s so easy to laugh / It’s so easy to hate / It takes guts to be gentle and kind.’ Same lyrics could be applied to this article you wrote, and yourself Tim Jonze. Learn to separate the art from politics.
  13. Jeffrey7777

    "Because This Is How I Am" - SER / Morrissey Central (24 May, 2019)

    I feel it! Ordered my copy of the blue vinyl today. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the digital download to its fullest. :D
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