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  1. biru

    Shyness is nice

    because it's basically Ask :D
  2. biru

    Help an idiot

    Hello, I am an idiot. I confuse in and on very often. I know in bed is between the sheets and on the bed is over it... right? ... See what my problem is? Please do clarify with examples of big things like... "in the sales"... sorry for a stupid thread but I guess it's better to try and...
  3. biru

    Daily things that piss you off

    Having to open milk carton packs drives me TOTALLY insane. I can't even explain it. I get so incredibly pissed... I drank 5 teas today not to open a motherfucking pack of milk. Please do share, I'd like to think I'm not being totally irrational on this.
  4. biru

    I have 11 newborn kitties.

    6 of them are older now and one of them is already given away... SO MANY KITTIES. I have 20 cats at the moment. I feel like a crazy cat lady. Here's a picture of the one who's going to go.
  5. biru

    The best april fool's ever by Nine Inch Nails And this only because Chris Cornell had a horrible idea. I find it extremely funny!
  6. biru

    Morrissey related things to do when bored.

    I did this. I sang while sick. I was sick with the mighty flu and had no school that day... so I spent my afternoon singing Morrissey songs. What Morrissey related things do you do in utter boredom? please do share!
  7. biru

    Elis Regina anyone? MPB at all?

    MPB stands for Musica Popular Brasileira, which means Popular Brazilian Music. Anyway... Brazil has the luck to have some of the best artists in the world, dare I say. Tremendously good lyricists like Tom Jobim or Gilberto Gil, João Gilberto and Caetano Veloso, which are my favorites. Anyway...
  8. biru

    On the streets I ran

    I just got really into this song as I think the lyrics are fantastic, but Morrissey's singing is awful in it, it's very weak.... Maybe that's one of the reasons why I, not knowing before, instantly adored YoR so much, his singing in it is absolutely spectacular... after listening to YoR, On The...
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