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  1. tjkomi

    IANADOAC - 320 internet leak

  2. tjkomi

    Smiths double CD There Is A Light & Jeane w Sandie Shaw limited pressing 19137

    Hi, it is not that rare or valuable, but it is the most valuable of all singles that were issued on CDs back in 1992/1995, Ask, How Soon is Now, This Charming Man and There is a Light that Never Goes Out. Here is the info...
  3. tjkomi

    The Cure

    Saw them last night at EXIT festival! Simply amazing....
  4. tjkomi

    Morrissey / Smiths on TV 18/03/2018

    Here is the announcement!
  5. tjkomi

    Aberdeen - BHGE Arena (Feb. 16, 2018) post-show

    Hope for the new refreshed set list!
  6. tjkomi

    In The Future When All’s Well (live V Festival 19 Aug '06 and 20 Aug '06)

    Somebody asked for these. Here they are as a separate thread. WAV files In The Future When All's Well (live V Festival 19 Aug '06) download-only In The Future When All's Well (live V Festival 20 Aug '06) download-only BR
  7. tjkomi

    Req: satellite of love & other recent b-sides

    OK here we go. My little contribution. These are all WAV files, also collected somewhere on the interned during past years. I am not sure about their origin, this means that they were not grabbed by me, but the quality is exellent. Glamorous Glue Released: 18 Apr 2011 Glamorous Glue (Saturday...
  8. tjkomi

    Req: satellite of love & other recent b-sides

    Yeah, very funny and strange! I think I have collected these on a Soulseek, file sharing network, back in the days! I will post wav versions soon.
  9. tjkomi

    Req: satellite of love & other recent b-sides

    Here are all 6 of DL only live versions of "The Youngest Was The Most Loved". These are all correctly named but not tagged, only the bit rate is a little bit strange, but they sound completly ok, as they are 320 kbps. Also my Windows Media player reports strange duration... I have collected...
  10. tjkomi

    Low in high school leak (go to page 9 or 10)

    It looks like that Dunkirk came out...
  11. tjkomi

    Low in high school leak (go to page 9 or 10)

    Here is a little info, I hope that someone will find it usefull. I see that interest is high, and that some of us are searching the net for leak. If album leaks from some group that usually leaks movies, music, games and software you will see info on this site first Here you...
  12. tjkomi

    Devore 10/31/2004

    Here you are:
  13. tjkomi

    Paso Robles, California cancelled/postponed to 2018 due to inoperative on-stage heating

    Hahaha! This is barely funny anymore! He decided to SPENT THE DAY IN BED instead.... This joke isn't funny anymore........
  14. tjkomi

    I Wish You Lonely (studio) mp3

    Hey! Thanks! If this is 02-I wish you lonely.mp3, does this means that you maybe have 03-..., 04-...., 05-...... :-)
  15. tjkomi

    Promo LIHS download

    As far as I remeber "You Are The Quarry" leaked to the interet few weeks before release. I am not sure about YOR, ROTT, WPINOYB, but for "You Are The Quarry" I remember very well.
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