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  1. chrisnat

    O2 standing tickets are on sale again right now

    Re: Standing tickets are on sale again right now thanks for the heads up, got 2 standing yesterday
  2. chrisnat

    Kirsteen Young

    franz ferdinand
  3. chrisnat

    Dunoon, Scotland - Queens Hall (June 18, 2011) post-show

    great gig moz and boys on top form, n mclures was great after gig
  4. chrisnat

    Plymouth anyone?

    me and my daughter will be there 7ish
  5. chrisnat

    Perth (15th June)

    set list looks good to me, but i probably wouldnt have put the new songs altogether, still bet it will chop and change a few times as usual......oh and bluebirds saw public image ,and you were right best night in ages
  6. chrisnat

    So...does ANYONE like the new songs?

    Re: I think we can all agree that Morrissey's 3 new songs are pretty bad god, i hope you lot aint going to any of the gigs i am
  7. chrisnat

    Live set list you would want to see/hear

    going to see public image tonite in sheffield,,,,looking forward to it
  8. chrisnat

    4 grimsby standing tickets for sale

    message me for details
  9. chrisnat

    2011 Tour

    got grimsby and plymouth very easily just after 9am
  10. chrisnat

    2011 Tour

    just got 2 for dunoon..
  11. chrisnat

    Best Moz solo gig you've been to and you wish you'd have been to?

    move festival would have loved glastonbury
  12. chrisnat

    Best venues to see Morrissey

    sheffield city hall is my favourite venue, but really enjoyed yarmouth pier.
  13. chrisnat

    Liverpool, one week on feelings

    still 100% behind moz on walking off, though by now some announcement regarding either refund or rescedule should of been made.
  14. chrisnat

    MEN / BBC North West News coverage

    no probs, i personally think that the bars should be kept separate from the stage areas, and no alcohol should be allowed into these areas.
  15. chrisnat

    Returning Swindon Tickets

    finally got my refund from ticketmaster 2day
  16. chrisnat

    Is this a Liverpool hates Manchester thing ?

    and wheres the proof he was from burnley, mm thought not
  17. chrisnat

    MEN / BBC North West News coverage

    Re: Today's MEN / BBC North West News Tonight just watched, mmmmm not the first time its happened at the echo
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