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  1. Brigitte Bardot

    Arriving soon: Morrissey's complete singles, B-Sides & rarities

    As anyone made CD sleeves for this collection?
  2. Brigitte Bardot

    Marc Almond Brel radio show

    Thank you uncle... Will you also do the other 2 shows when aired?
  3. Brigitte Bardot

    Marc Almond Brel radio show

    Hi here is the link for episode 1 Episode 2 is next week and episode 3 the week after. I would be so greatfull if you could find sa way to save this
  4. Brigitte Bardot

    Marc Almond Brel radio show

    Can anyone help, I am trying to save recording of Marc Almond Jacues Brel Radio show on Radio 2 Please can someone help, I really want to keep this show. The first episode is currently available to listen for the the next 5 days until the part 2 next week. Anyone know a way to save this...
  5. Brigitte Bardot

    do you need hotel in Sheffield?

    For the lucky one who got tickets for Sheffield show on 30 th October (Icertainly was 4th row, and happy). Don't forget my previous offer for bedroom. See my previous post below. The offer still stand, you will not find this price anywhere else. As a Morrissey fan myself, I am fully aware of...
  6. Brigitte Bardot

    do you need hotel in Sheffield?

    Following the recent announcement of the October dates, Morrissey will be playing once again Sheffield City Hall. As I work as Hotel Reservation Manager in Sheffield I can offer you a good deal at the Novotel Sheffield Centre. The 4* Hotel is situated right in the city Centre of Sheffield, 5...
  7. Brigitte Bardot

    Who will be attending Depeche Mode Tour of the Universe

    I will be attanding in Manchester on 18th December. Got my tickets through the pot today. I can not wait
  8. Brigitte Bardot

    Sparks Islington No 1

    Just wondering if anybody would be willing to share the track Isllington No 1 only available when buying ticket for the 20 show they did in Islington. I sadly could not attend all the shows and only bought tickets for the shows ?I could attend, however I reallly would like to get this track...
  9. Brigitte Bardot

    Pet Shop Boys - Fan in N(GR)eed.

    Just thought, I would also be looking for Paris City Boys
  10. Brigitte Bardot

    Pet Shop Boys - Fan in N(GR)eed.

    Great collection of tracks, would anybody have a version of It doen't often snow at Christmas
  11. Brigitte Bardot

    Depeche Mode to play Glasto

    This was actually denied by Dave few days ago in an interview (can not remember which magasine). He did state that they tried but the dates where clashing with their tour. Not sure the Sun is reliable source
  12. Brigitte Bardot

    New Depeche Mode single

    Simply love it, can not wait 6th April. If other are like me, try to buy the pass on Itune with exclusive tracks, that will help you until the actual release
  13. Brigitte Bardot

    Dvd help

    thanks, I shall try to download the other version.
  14. Brigitte Bardot

    Dvd help

    DVD format 2009-2-11 BBC Radio 2 Broadcast CARE only a conversion from .flv stream
  15. Brigitte Bardot

    Dvd help

    Hi, I have just downloaded the full Video of the bbc show video. On the details it says that it is DVD resdy. However when I try to burn it on DVD it keep failing. I am using Nero. Could someone please help me with a step by step on how to burn these files to a DVD using Nero Vision 4. I...
  16. Brigitte Bardot

    Sheffield pics

    Has anybody got pic of last night show, if so please share it with us. Many thanks ;)
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