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  1. Virgil Tracy

    After one spare for tonight...

    After one ticket for tonight, ideally in the stalls. Thanks in advance... Mark
  2. Virgil Tracy

    Pre-Show Meet Up (the 2nd) at the Dogstar on Sunday 7th Aug - 5pm

    Given the famous London Solo meet up at the 02 Wireless (as seen on film) it’s about time we did it again and the forth coming gig at Brixton gives us the perfect opportunity. Could I suggest the Dogstar? Say from 5pm onwards? (Some of us will be coming from that day’s biggest event West Ham...
  3. Virgil Tracy

    The Boy With A Stitch in his Side Runs Again – London Marathon – Salford Lads Club

    I will be running the marathon again this Sunday (17th April) and wanted to take the opportunity to raise £200 for Salford Lads Club. I ran the marathon in 2009 for the lads club and we made nearly £500 and it would be great to top that up this year. However as times are tight please sponsor...
  4. Virgil Tracy

    Anyone off to Minehead for Bowlie 2 (5-a-side anyone?)

    Anyone off to Minehead for Bowlie 2 and fancy joining me and Cowshed in making up a 5-a-side team for the Sunday morning?
  5. Virgil Tracy

    Is the 7th July 2011 a date or the diary? Maybe another O2 style gig?
  6. Virgil Tracy

    Please, Please, Please strumming pattern

    I’m still a complete novice on the guitar so please excuse the simpleton question, but can someone help me with the strumming pattern for Please, Please, Please? Please, Please, Please?
  7. Virgil Tracy

    Boxers - Moz will love this

    Mitchell to face Katsidis at the Boleyn Ground on May 15 WEST HAM fan Kevin Mitchell will face Michael Katsidis at Upton Park on May 15. The venue for Mitchell's crack at the interim WBO lightweight title is due to be confirmed on Wednesday. And promoter Frank Warren is confident...
  8. Virgil Tracy

    The Smiths - album of the day on 6 music

    Couldn’t see it mentioned elsewhere :confused: might explain why the station is going for a Burton then....
  9. Virgil Tracy

    God Help The Girl

    anyone else make it to the gig on Saturday? I noticed a few Smiths tops but thought it might be people trying to be trendy (sic) ;) thought they were first class and really looking forward to the album.
  10. Virgil Tracy

    Moon Over Kentucky

    Is there a good bootleg of Morrissey doing this? Pretty Please?;)
  11. Virgil Tracy

    The Official West Ham United Thread

    I have looking for a reason to start this thread for two years and now I finally have one - thank you Russell Brand. Come on you Irons!! :lbf:
  12. Virgil Tracy

    Starsuckers - the film we were meant to be in!

    If you cast your minds back to the 02 wireless gig last year we had a (very successful) meet up. In addition to everyone having a good time many of you were filmed for a documentary about fandom - well that documentary has been turned into a movie - Starsuckers - and will be shown for the first...
  13. Virgil Tracy

    Breaking up. The hardest thing to do?

    ending relationships - especially with someone you love is the hardest thing to do in my opinion. But sometimes the thing that makes me sad (or even feel sick) is the thought of said person with someone else, am I the only one who feels like this? P.S I feel very sad at the moment (listening...
  14. Virgil Tracy

    Has anyone sold there signed YoR LP

    On here or on eBay - just wondering what they are going for??
  15. Virgil Tracy

    Anyone play poker?

    Can we organise a free poker game for soloers (free to play and no betting with real money) I know you can play for free on facebook but not sure how we would all get to the same table.
  16. Virgil Tracy

    What other forums do you post on???

    Well? Sure someone has some interests other thn Moz?
  17. Virgil Tracy

    Save West Ham Boys Club!!

    Planning Application has been sought (09/00370/FUL) to demolish existing West Ham boys boxing club at rear of The Black Lion Public House, to erect of 9 no. self-contained apartments and relocate boxing club to existing cellar. The boxing club would be losing lots of it existing space, with...
  18. Virgil Tracy

    Make sure you vote on 4 June 09 and stop the BNP!

    It's vital that as many people as possible vote on Thursday as the BNP only need 8.5% of the vote to win a seat in the European Parliament. As a country we can pride ourselves on our tolerance and patience and a belief in free-speech. As our Fathers and Grandfathers fought fascism in the...
  19. Virgil Tracy

    The East End Knees Up aka The Troxy Aftershow Party

    Unless Quarry decide they will do one I am happy to arrange one - I have a good venue in mind after the prep I did for last week! Watch this space and let me know any requests etc! P.S Not sure I can do the tour due to the cricket :blushing: sorry!!
  20. Virgil Tracy

    Paulc is a daddy!!

    With all the bad news, cancelled gigs, World War 3 about to start and the football season 2 months away so good news...... Soloer Paulc become a daddy last night for the first time Harley Morrissey Conroy was born at 10:35pm last night and both baby and Mother are well. I'm sure you...
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