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  1. Morton88

    Have you cried while listenin to Moz

    Some of you may raise your eye-brows at this :lbf: just curious though if anybody has ever been listening to Moz/The Smiths and a tear's appeared :tears: for me his music is emotionally overwhelming at times, in a good way though. Replies plz :D x
  2. Morton88

    Morrissey- James Dean Book

    Anybody else ever managed to get hold of the James Dean book moz penned. I bought it from ebay a while back, wondering who else has it and if its quite rare? x:)
  3. Morton88

    Dundee Roll Call

    Hi Just wondering if anybody is going to the caird hall show, if so what time do u think is best to start queing, my 5th time seeing Moz and i really want to get to the front! Will be attending on my own aswell :blushing: still excited tho :) x
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