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  1. david ingemarsson

    Morrissey mentioned in short NHS story

    This was a historical moment. Never before had there been a black American president and never had there been such spirited praise and worship in this run-down staff room. Morrissey, who just a couple of years earlier had sung that America had nothing to say to him as their “president never is...
  2. david ingemarsson

    Morrissey compares kosher food to ‘rape’ and calls for ban The Jewish Chronicle picked up on kosher mentioning in the latest Morrissey Central post
  3. david ingemarsson

    one ticket for Brixton academy swap for any of the other London shows

    Hello I have one ticket for London Brixton Academy (stalls) 1 March that I would like to swap for any of the other London shows at different locations on the 7, 9 or 10 March. David
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