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  1. Floridian1

    Swords tour backdrop

    Thank you.
  2. Floridian1

    Swords tour backdrop

    Hmmm. OK, does anyone the name of the guy in the picture...?
  3. Floridian1

    Swords tour backdrop

    Has anyone posted a .jpg of the photo used as the backdrop for the current tour? Please, and thank you.
  4. Floridian1

    Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon

    Re: OMG!! Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon I thought you were talking about the band Morphine. They broke up when Mark Sandman died...
  5. Floridian1

    First / Best / Worst / Last...

    First: Kiss. Hartford, Connecticut. 1977 Best: Clash. Boston, Massachusetts. 1980 Worst: Humble Pie. Willimantic, Connecticut. 1979 Last: Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt. Clearwater, Florida. 2009
  6. Floridian1

    Ultimate bootleg experience gone?

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  7. Floridian1

    Ultimate bootleg experience gone?

    I tried going to one of my favorite sites today, , & I got a message that read "The blog that you were looking for was not found". Is the site gone??
  8. Floridian1

    Swords has Leaked!

    Seems like everything leaks these days! I found a download link as well, & it took me literally one minute to find. But I didn't dl it, either.
  9. Floridian1

    David Johansen bootlegs

    Does anyone know of a source for live bootlegs by the David Johansen Group? I have the excellent, commercially-released live cd recorded at the Bottom Line in 1978. But I'm looking for other live stuff. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Floridian1

    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    "Down in the Boondocks" - Billy Joe Royal
  11. Floridian1

    Famous, well-respected, hall-of-fame-type, legendary artists....... that you HATE!

    Re: Famous, well-respected, hall-of-fame-type, legendary artists....... that you HATE U friggin' 2...
  12. Floridian1

    PiL reunion

    No Keith Levene. No Jah Wobble. Doesn't sound like a reunion to me...
  13. Floridian1

    Second U.S. Leg?

    I gave up hoping for make-up dates a LONG time ago...
  14. Floridian1

    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    When I downloaded the files, the 2nd & 3rd files would not open; I got an error message. Has this happened to anyone else?
  15. Floridian1

    Oakland show cancelled

    Ditto. Plus, I hope he comes back to FL in the fall...
  16. Floridian1

    What is the furthest you will or have traveled for this tour?

    When Moz played Radio City Music Hall in fall '04, I flew up to see the show from Tampa, Florida.
  17. Floridian1

    Importance of Being Morrissey

    No sound on part 1 :(
  18. Floridian1

    Myrtle Beach gig

    Thanks, Seasick!:)
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